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Pembroke Pines CITY CONNECT Oct/Nov 2011 Volume1,Issue1 So No One Ever Forgets The world stopped last month during the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to remember that tragic day and the people that were lost. Memorials were dedicated, ceremonies and services were held, and here in Pembroke Pines, many also gathered at the unveiling of the 9/11 art Memorial to pay their respects. Those residents who were unable to attend last month’s unveiling of the city’s 9/11 Memorial are encouraged to take the time now and visit it at Pembroke Pines City Center located at 10300 Pines Blvd. “Remembering should never be just one day out of the year,” said Mayor Frank C. Ortis. “The 9/11 Memorial should be visited often to ensure we never forget.” The multi-piece memorial, created by two Pembroke Pines residents, was inspired by the 2005 donation, solicited by Commissioner Angelo Castillo, by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg of a 250-pound steel girder salvaged from the ruins of the World Trade Center. Residents can view artist Benoit Menasche’s creation of a four-sided Italian marble relief with carvings of people on each side representing shock, grief, acceptance and rebuilding. And, artist Felix Gonzalez’s creation is of two eight-foot and 10-foot tall artworks fashioned from twisted, mangled steel to represent the Twin Towers; and two human figures made of solid, handcut and welded steel – a seven-foot firefighter and a little girl climbing from rubble. An open steel gazebo surrounds the artworks. Pembroke Pines City Commission From left to right: Jack McCluskey (District 2), Iris A. Siple (Vice Mayor – District 3), Mayor Frank C. Ortis, Carl Shechter (District 1), Angelo Castillo (District 4) Mayor Frank C. Ortis (954) 435-6505 ……. Commissioners: Iris A. Siple (Vice Mayor) (954) 436-3266 … Angelo Castillo (954) 436-3266 ………. Jack McCluskey (954) 436-3266 .….. Carl Shechter (954) 436-3266 ……… City Manager: Charles F. Dodge (954) 431-4884 …….

Oct/Nov 2011 City Connect Volume 1 Issue 1

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