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Pembroke Pines CITY CONNECT August/September 2013 Volume2,Issue6 City to Launch New Website Design The City of Pembroke Pines will be re-launching its website www. at the end of September, with a new clean and simple design, feel, information and features. “It will be very user friendly so residents, businesses and visitors to the site can find the information they want and need quickly and easily,” said Michael Lockett, Director of the City’s Technology Services Department. “Whether you are new to computers or are very comfortable using websites, our City website was designed with the user in mind.” The new design will include a variety of key features such as FAQs that will answer the most commonly asked questions; “Notify Me,” where visitors to the site can sign up to be notified via email or text messages about community activities, meetings and other updates; a translation link to translate the website text into different languages; specialized calendars to keep informed about basis, and new features will be added when needed. “We encourage everyone to visit and use the City’s website often to answer questions and gather infor- activities in the community; and a document center which allows for easy access to documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, forms, etc. The Open Government link ensures that residents have open and easy access to information that demonstrates how their elected officials conduct business, as well as provides information about government structure, meetings, and access to databases and reports. Each City department also has updated and simple to read information that is easy to navigate. It will be updated on a continuous mation,” said Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo. “This website is a valuable communications tool that I’m confident our residents, businesses and visitors will be proud of and enjoy.” Mayor Honored for Small Business Advocacy At the monthly meeting of the Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce, Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank C. Ortis and Miramar Mayor Lori Moseley were presented with the Partner America/U.S. Conference of Mayors “Small Business Advocate Award.” It was presented by Jeffrey Bean of the United States Conference of Mayors based in Washington, D.C., for their efforts and support of small business in their respective cities.  One of Mayor Ortis’ many accomplishments, the Annual Mayor’s Kids’ Day which was held June 21, 2013 for the fourth consecutive year, celebrates Pembroke Pines’ children while providing exposure for local businesses.  Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City of Continued on page 2 Pembroke Pines City Commission From left to right: Angelo Castillo (Vice Mayor - District 4), Jay Schwartz (District 2), Mayor Frank C. Ortis, Iris A. Siple (District 3), Carl Shechter (District 1) Mayor Frank C. Ortis 954-435-6505 ……. Commissioners: Angelo Castillo 954-436-3266 .............. Jay Schwartz 954-436-3266 .....….. Carl Shechter 954-436-3266 ...... Iris A. Siple 954-436-3266 ..............… City Manager: Charles F. Dodge 954-431-4884 ….......….

City Connect August-September 2013 Volume 2 Issue 6

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