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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology In This Issue Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Inductees NCSP Exam Teaching Awards Leadership Certificate Healthy Workplace Award Consulates Visit Chicago CAE/Erasing the Distance Meet Alumnus Dr. Franklin Community Awards NRCI Conference IP Department Grants IOOB Conference Insight Magazine Explores Virtual Life May 2013 Message from the National President As we move toward the final semester of this academic year, I cannot resist taking time to reflect upon just a few of our accomplishments as detailed below—successes that all serve to advance our institutional mission and preserve our values. I am also reminded to pause and acknowledge National Mental Health Awareness Month. President Obama’s recent proclamation outlined the sobering news of the state of mental health in our country: Tens of millions are living with mental health issues yet less than half of the children and adults with mental health service needs receive the treatment they need and deserve. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) set to take effect the latter part of this year, will seek to expand mental health and substance abuse disorder benefits and Federal parity protections for 62 million Americans. I urge all of you to learn more about ACA and to consider your role in ensuring the communities in which we live and work are mobilizing to appropriately serve those most in need. Looking forward, 2014 APA President-Elect Dr. Nadine Kaslow recently gave a presentation to our leadership team regarding the “Future of Professional Psychology,” in which she outlined industry trends as well as implications for education and training. Aligned with Dr. Kaslow’s presentation, TCSPP anticipated changes in our field, especially in the area of competency-based training, and is actively leading the charge to prepare our students as they continue their studies with us. I will continue to update you on our new initiatives during the year. I wish you all a wonderful summer vacation season. Warm regards, Michele Nealon-Woods

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