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Serving Wayne County Since 1857 Wednesday January 5, 2011 WAYNE COUNTY NEWS 75¢ No. 25/Vol. 153 USPS670340 WAYNESBORO, TN 38485 Just A Pinch ~ Page 6A Society ~ Page 6A Classifieds ~ Pages 10-12A Farm News ~ Page 16A Obituaries ~ Page 4A Sports ~ Pages 7A ONE SECTION - EIGHTEEN PAGES Looking Back At 2010! Sheriff Wilson conducts a tour of a new jail pod (which is a large jail cell designed to hold up to 20 inmates). Citizens Get First Class Tour New C.J.C. Facility Between 300 and 400 people enjoyed a tour of our newly constructed Justice Center during the open house last Sunday. As the News reported, in early December, the court system moved into the new building. This freed up space which has not gone to waste, by the way! The county’s Extension Office and the Chamber of Commerce have since moved into the courthouse, and others are expected to move into that building soon, as well! However, curiosity has been up about the new building, and so the open house was a welcome opportunity for many to assuage that curiosity. People were treated to a tour of court facilities, in addition to being welcomed into the new jail facilities. According to Jason Rich, “Everyone really wanted to see the new jail.” instead. Fortunately, Fielder survived his injuries and appears to be healing well. Trooper Long reported that he had called to check on Fielder on January 3, and that Fielder had already Finding the entrance to the new jail may seem a daunting task at first. This is because the entrance to the jail, and to the sheriff’s office, is not accessed through the front doors of the new Justice Center. One must follow the access road around to the back parking lot in order to enter the jail portion of the building. Visitors were treated to an all access tour of the empty jail, including areas that most free civilians never have the opportunity to see. For instance, visitors were allowed to see the tower, which is control central for the jail. From the tower, which is an elevated room full of T.V. monitors and electronic controls, every part of the new facility is monitored. Access to secure doors and communications with both inmates and jailers is also handled from this central location. Jailers working in the tower can (Continued On Page Five) (Continued On Page Five) Hit And Run Accident Seriously Injures Lutts Man On December 24, Christmas Eve, a Lutts man was hit by a car and left for dead while walking on Highway 69. According to Trooper Phillip Long, Tim Fielder, 49, of 9511 HWY 69, was walking down the road he lives on when the incident occurred. Prior to the accident, however, the highway patrol’s dispatch office received two calls indicating that a man was walking in the road. Trooper Long indicated that Fielder had an “intoxicating smell” when he arrived. This may explain why he had been walking “in” the road. The third call dispatch received reported that the man, Fielder, had been hit. Fielder was seriously injured, but helicopters were unable to fly due to weather conditions. The rain and sleet prevented him from being air evacuated, so an ambulance was called The year 2010 had many ups and downs as the residents of Wayne County suffered through the ravages of severe weather, indicted a number of people for murder, and enjoyed the triumphs of success in many areas. Throughout the year, we saw successful community growth and development as unemployment rates dropped from 15.6% in January down to 11.1% in November of 2010, representing a decrease of 4.5%. Weather in 2010 began with a terrible cold snap that closed schools, caused accidents, and busted pipes across the county, even a water faucet outside of the Waynesboro Water Dept. That busted pipe sent water shooting into the air in a plume of water that reached the roofs of surrounding buildings. Snow drifts were reported by NOAA to have ranged from 18-24 inches during the January 29 storm! By May, however, the ice had long since turned to rain, as the weather once more ravaged residents with epic record-breaking floods. Homes, been given the support they needed to combat a variety of addictions. Finally, in January 2010 the Collinwood Middle School Trojanettes made it to the championship playoffs for the 20092010 year, playing in the James C. Haile State Tournament after an undefeated season! With February came news of a deal that would bring hope to many Wayne County families when it was revealed that ClearFuels Technology, Inc. had signed on to develop a refinery in Collinwood, creating fifty new jobs in the area. “This is great on so many levels,” said Wayne County Executive Jason Rich. “It’s a huge capital investment in our community that’s going to create high-quality jobs and will benefit Hughes Hardwood, our timber industry, our residents, and our economy as a whole.” The $200,000,000 project is expected to break ground later this year (2011). Also in February, Robert Vencion replaced Jimmy Turnbow as Waynesboro City Mayor, a position which Vencion had held in the past, as well. Then, in March, Wayne (Continued On Page Two) Single Vehicle Accident Injures Three Grand Jury Returns Indictments Against Ten Indictments from the Wayne County Grand Jury were filed with the circuit court clerk’s office on November 22 for ten felonies and ten misdemeanors. Guy Smith was indicted on the charge of Attempted Second Degree Murder (B Felony) for allegedly hitting his victim in the head with a metal object repeatedly in November of 2009. Patrick James Venturi was indicted for Domestic Assault (A Misdemeanor) for allegedly hitting and choking his girlfriend in September 2010. Chad Bradley was indicted for Simple Possession Schedule VI (A Misdemeanor), Possession Drug Paraphernalia (A Misdemeanor), Simple Possession Schedule II (A Misdemeanor), Failure to Appear (E Felony), and five counts of Forgery (E Felony) for allegedly using illegal drugs, writing five checks from another person’s account without permission, and failing to appear for his court date. Abbie Butler was indicted for D U I (A Misdemeanor) for a September offense. Sandy J. Dugger was (Continued On Page Two) On December 29, three were injured when their 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup truck ran off the road. According to Sgt. Jeff Webb, the driver, 15-yearold Jamison Brewer, was driving with a Learner’s Permit. Next to him, in the passenger seat, sat his father, Jamie Brewer. In the backseat sat Preston Casteel, Jamison’s 14-year-old cousin. At approximately 2 P.M., the trio was traveling west bound on HWY 64 when the right tire slipped off the “United Country Offers Home & Land Mortgages And Home Warranties.” WE ARE YOUR..... ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL BUYERS AND SELLERS. PAGE 1A JAN. 5.indd 1 businesses, and even roads were damaged by the deluge. Wayne County roads were estimated to have been damaged in excess of $1.5 million dollars. So, let’s begin with January. Sadness filled the hearts of many as men and women from the 278th National Guard Unit returned to Iraq following a six day Christmas leave that had allowed them to return home to their waiting families. The troops would not return home again until the middle of the summer. Also in January, the tragic story of Rose Goggins’ disappearance and subsequent murder began with an Amber Alert that was issued for the “missing” woman. Her body was later discovered, and the couple suspected of murdering her was indicted later in March. Both remain in the Wayne County Jail today as they await their upcoming trials. Wayne County Helping Hands, a volunteer organization dedicated to helping people overcome addiction, also began in January 2010. Through their tireless efforts over the past year, many Wayne County residents have road onto the shoulder. Jamison Brewer overcorrected, sending the truck skidding off the north side of the road, hitting construction barrels as it went before it came back onto the road and overturned multiple times. At some point during the commotion, Casteel was “ejected from the back seat.” When Sgt. Webb arrived, Casteel appeared to be the most seriously injured of the three. He was airlifted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, while Jamison Brewer was transported by ambulance to Wayne Medical Center. His father, Jamie Brewer, was transported in a personal vehicle to the hospital. No charges have been pressed at this time, and all three have since returned home where they are recovering. North Alabama Realty, Inc. Direct: 866-996-5772 Office: 256-757-5772 Fax: 256-757-5773 45 Ronald Drive Killen, AL 35645 1/4/11 2:03:26 PM

Wayne County News 01-05-11

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