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The segment information practices of the biggest European companies A report by Philippe Touron* and Stéphane Bellanger for the SFAF Financial Analysis and Accounting Commission. With the support of EFFAS. Objective and Methodology The sample includes 50 companies from the FT Europe 500, the 35 biggest firms and 15 firms ranked between 36th and 100th which were randomly chosen. Insurance companies and banks were excluded. Several sources were used: consolidated financial statements certified by auditors, management reports, slides used during presentations of results and press releases when available. The report analyses the choices made by management concerning indicators disclosed according to IFRS 8 and segment identification. It also compares the redundancy of disclosure across different media: press releases, slides used during presentations of results and management reports. Our objective is to explore the relevance and comparability of segment information. Acknowledgements: the authors would like to thank Olivia Raad Graco de Lay and the members of the “SFAF Accounting Commission” for their help *Corresponding author: SFAF – 24 rue de Penthièvre – 75008 Paris – 1

SFAF Study - IFRS 8 - The segment information practices of the largest European companies

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