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July-August 2012 • Vol. 17 Issue 4 Bringing Baptists of North Carolina Together for Christ-Centered Ministry In This Edition PAGE 2 “Can We Talk?” Reflections on the Recent Sexuality and Covenant Conference by Larry Hovis PAGE 3 Living Out Mission and Vision at Mosaic PAGE 4 Summers PAGE 5 Get PAGE 5 The Gathering of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina Living Out Mission and Vision at Mosaic page 3 of Service by Linda Jones by Wanda Kidd Outside with CBFNC Local Mission Engagement Grants PAGE 6 Partner PAGE 6-8 CBFNC PAGE 9 My Churches Continue Strong Support of CBFNC by Jim Hylton Partner Church Listing Life, My Church, My World: Impacting Tomorrow by Ka’thy Gore Chappell

July/August 2012 Newsletter

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