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Week ending 18 June 2010 Victory Park, Linden rat run to close - Page 3 Pikitup clean-up day a mixed bag - Pages 4, 5 Five-a-side soccer at Marks Park - Page 20 We do have gees This picture of Melville’s 7th Street was taken by local resident Oscar Gutierrez. His photo exhibition, Snapshots of Melville, is currently on at The Melville Visitors Centre, corner 1st Avenue and 7th Street. Gutierrez examines people and places in the suburb from the Mandela era to the present. Jacques Clifford Concerns over broken streetlights in Melville and Auckland Park and the absence of decorations in the area have many wondering whether the suburbs are ready for the 2010 Fifa World Cup™. According to Cynthia Rose of the Melville Sector Crime Forum (SCF) the broken street lights have been reported. “We agree that this is totally unacceptable with the World Cup coming up. “The Melville Residents Association (MRA) has reported this repeatedly to City Power for some time now. I also sent an e-mail to our ward councillors (Sharon Sabbagh and Cindy Grobbelaar) asking them to take responsibility for the lights.” Heidi Holland of The Melville House has since organised with City Power to fix the lights in 4th Avenue. “Regarding decorations, the star lights that used to line 7th Street were packed away at the beginning of 2008. We discussed returning them but thought it better to hang flags, which many businesses and private homes have now done. “Melville is ready for the World Cup. The suburb is looking good with the flags and the fantastic work done by City Parks in the area, organised by Michelle de Villiers of the MRA, and the clean-ups driven by Pikitup and the community. “In addition, many of the B&Bs are filled with foreign visitors who bring great ‘gees’ to our area. As the excitement builds, the SCF urges people to play by the rules and play safe as far as drinking is concerned. “Melville has been identified by a national newspaper as one of the key entertainment areas in Gauteng and specifically as the place to drink. We recognise that alcohol is part of the celebration but know it is a major risk factor in social crime and interpersonal violence. “As an SCF, we want people to enjoy themselves but be aware that the fun stops when people get hurt. We hope to have as few incidents as possible during the World Cup by encouraging the responsible sale and use of alcohol. “Your paper already interviewed warrant officer Petrus Smal of Brixton police regarding this (NMT week ending 11 June). The police will strictly enforce liquor regulations during the World Cup to ensure that Melville is safe and enjoyable for everyone.” Councillor Grobbelaar said a shuttle service had been organised by The Melville Visitors Centre. “It was originally only available to the 4 000 people staying at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), but I requested it to be extended along the SCF safe routes (NMT week ending 21 May). “There will also be extra security in Auckland Park, especially along Kingsway and Ditton and Henly roads. I am still working on streets in Brixton.” Councillor Sabbagh could not be reached for comment.

Northcliff Melville Times

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