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Introducing the innovative V2 TEL from Pyronix, which allows the monitoring and remote switching of third party equipment via your mobile phone. Flexibility Consisiting of 4 inputs, 6 outputs, and half duplex voice communication, the V2 TEL is the ideal solution for those who would like optimal control and monitoring of equipment from anywhere in the world. Remote switching of outputs Controlling the outputs can be managed remotely either by entering the remote user menu to trigger any outputs, or by pressing the onboard keypad 1-4 keys to trigger the on-board outputs. Other features include: • • • • • • • • • • • Engineer/user friendly menu driven programming Voice message signalling Up to 9 telephone numbers 6 inputs 4 outputs Dedicated keys to operate outputs “on demand” Remote control triggered outputs Used as a normal telephone Regular ‘sign of life’ test calls On board microphone (listen in to property) and speaker (speak in to property) 256 Event log Please call us: If you would like a demonstration or further information on the V2 TEL Speech Dialler please contact Tris Young on 01709 381189 or email Page 1 / 2

V2 TEL Speech Dialler

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