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Thursday, August 11, 2011 brownsville 146th Year • No. 25 3rd Annual State-of-the-School Convocation • Visit by Commissioner Kevin Huffman • Reviewed results of Spring TCAP Haywood County, Tennessee “We are making good progress in math and have work to do in reading achievement.” One Section, 14 Pages $1.00 William Zegger visits Kenya See page 14 -Marlin King Page 2 for more details Stanton Volunteer Fire Department recieves equipment Marathon Heater Coming To Brownsville By CALVIN CARTER Robert “Rooster” Dancy and Kim Howard test out some of the donated gear. Photo By Calvin Carter By CALVIN CARTER It can’t be easy being a firefighter. Many would easily agree with the notion that it takes a special type of man or woman to constantly put your life on the line. But if you’re like Stanton Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Robert “Rooster” Dancy, then putting your life on the line while saving others contains about the same risk as simply getting out of bed. “It doesn’t really make a difference to me,” Dancy said. “You can go at any time. You know, when it’s your time, it’s your time.” While firefighters are a special breed of person, it’s volunteer fighters like in Stanton that probably deserve their own category. The pay, a paltry $10 a call, barely covers the cost of the gas to get to the department. Then again, none of them are in it for the pay. And nothing, short of money, has stopped this staff of 12 from giving their best to the town of Stanton, whether that means battling blazes, or cutting down trees from the aftermath of violent storms. Still, with funding that just doesn’t equal the same as perhaps their department cousins in Brownsville, the volunteer department has struggled with acquiring adequate equipment. Recently though, they’ve caught a few breaks. One of See FIRE page 3 It’s now official. Marathon Heater is coming to Brownsville. The company recently announced that they have purchased Glenn Electric Heater Company’s Brownsville manufacturing and design information for “all their product lines” . Haywood Element closed roughly a month ago, with 30 people losing their jobs. Marathon plans to hire 50 to 60 employees, though it currently remains unknown if the 30 employees who lost their job with Haywood Element will get a first crack at the positions. John Finn Jr. the plant manager at Haywood Element for the last 30 years will continue as plant manager. The city and county have agreed to give a total of $50,000 to the Brownsville Industrial Board to help cover the moving expenses for Marathon. The state will also provide Marathon with a number of various tax credits and special incentives to operate in Brownsville. Marathon was founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of industrial-grade heating elements and temperature sensors. They specialize in custom designer and industrial products, industrial cartridge, heating industrial silicone rubber heaters, industrial nozzle heaters and industrial air heaters. According to the company’s website, new products that will be added to the Marathon product line thanks to its Brownsville location will be tubular heaters, immersion heaters, starflex band heaters, refractory strip heaters and kamlrok disc heaters. Hwy 54 Accident By CALVIN CARTER Driving while tired can be very dangerous, as one driver learned Monday, August 8 in Haywood County. Authorities were called to Highway 54 near Highway 14, for a one-vehicle wreck. Cordiar House, a Gates, resident flipped his car into a ditch off of Highway 54. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Billy Jackson, House was driving eastbound on 54 when he fell asleep at the wheel. House’s vehicle ran off onto the north side of the highway, striking a concrete, which then caused the vehicle to flip upside down into the ditch area. It’s believed that despite the damage to the vehicle, House only suffered minor injuries. He was reportedly already out of the vehicle by the time authorities arrived, and was up and talking before being taken by the ambulance. House was taken to Haywood Park Community Hospital for a further look. City Agrees on Payment to IDB By CALVIN CARTER The Brownsville City Board of Mayor and Aldermen met for their monthly meeting Tuesday, August 9 for a rather short agenda. Among the items discussed by the board, included a second reading of Ordinance #888, which will amend the Municipal Zoning Ordinance regulating development in flood areas. Even with the intimidating 26page ordinance, Mayor Jo Matherne explained to the board that there really aren’t any significant changes to the original zoning ordinance. It only updates a few things to make sure their in compliance with FEMA regulations, she noted. The ordinance passed. The board also passed Resolution #816, which authorizes a $25,000 payment to the Industrial Development Board to help with moving costs for Marathon Heater, Inc. The business recently announced that they were purchasing Haywood Element, which closed down during the summer costing 30 employees their jobs. The business plans on bringing approximately 50-60 new jobs in the city. The county also agreed to give $25,000 to Marathon during their county commission meeting last month. The state is also apparently investing in the company’s move. It is currently unknown when the company will begin production. In other news, the board agreed to on a number of city board and commission appointments. On the Historic-Zoning Commission, Lynn Shaw and Carrie Parker will be reappointed for a five-year term to end on June 30, 2016. Linda Freeman was reappointed to a four-year term on the beer board that will end June 30, 2015. Marry Ann Pennel was voted onto the Animal Shelter for a four-year term that will end in 2015. Julie Dahlhauser and Goldie Harwell will continue to be appointed to the Library Board with both being up for reappointment on June 30, 2013 and June 30, 2014, respectively. John Meuther will serve out his last term on the Library Board till June 30, 2013. Tim Stokely, Mark Halbrook and Della Ligon have been appointed to the Revolving Loan Fund, with two more members to be added soon. Taxi Cab Board will include Brownsville Police Chief Chris Lea, City Clerk Jessica Frye and Alderman Leon King whose terms will end on June 30 2014. And the City Beautiful Commission will include Walter Battle and Jane K. Watson who will serve until June 30, 2012, Sheri Richards, Barrow Taylor and Keith Walker who will serve until June 30, 2013, J.P. Hathcock and Gem Bell who will serve until June 30, 2014, and Parks & Recreation Director Nancy Cates and Conservation Board Chair Carolyn Flagg. And Finally, TVA’s bill for June was $1,601,396.86. This month, an average residential eclectic bill will have an increase of approximately half of a percent. And June unemployment was 15.6 percent. See weather on page 14

The Brownsville States-Graphic August 11, 2011

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