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Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Carilion Clinic P.O. Box 13727 Roanoke, VA 24036 PAID Roanoke, VA Permit No. 247 NEUR SURGERY update Vol. 1 Issue 3 - Summer Volume 1- January 2012 2013 NEUR SURGERY update Volume1- January2012 ©2013Carilion Clinic Strategic Development J1469 8/13/GG “NEURO-SPINE” Few patients and even many physicians do not realize that, in addition to being “brain surgeons,” neurosurgeons are trained and experienced spine surgeons. In fact, from the first days of their seven years of residency training and throughout their careers, neurosurgeons are immersed in the world of spine care. A huge bulk of the nation’s degenerative spine work, disc surgery, fracture care, and complex spine reconstruction and instrumentation is performed by neurosurgeons. Furthermore, neurosurgeons are specially qualified to perform Spina Bifida repair, tethered cord release, rhyzotomies, chordotomies, syrinx repair, spinal cord tumor surgery, resection of intradural lesions, and surgery for spinal cord vascular malformations and hemorrhages. Board-certified neurosurgeons are qualified to care for any and all spinal disorders and require no additional fellowship training. Neurosurgeons are consummate spine or “Neuro-Spine” surgeons. Fellowship-trained neurosurgeons acquire even further expertise in the most complex of spinal cord and column disorders. “NEURO-SPINE” at Carilion Clinic Most times, patients’ cases are extensively reviewed and discussed among multiple members of the team, informally or in formal conferences. In particularly challenging cases, two or more surgeons will operate together to decrease the operative time and decrease potential complications. Peri-operatively, patients are cared for by the entire team, including the surgeons, resident surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and specialized nurses. Finally, Carilion Clinic neuro-spine surgeons combine their expertise with superb orthopaedic spine surgeons and physicial medicine physicians in a true interdisciplinary Spine Center to provide patients with the very best care. INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Page 2: Carilion Clinic Welcomes Edgar N. Weaver Jr., M.D. Pages 2-3: Cases from a Week on the “Neuro-Spine” Service Carilion Clinic Neurosurgery features a team of exceptionally experienced spine experts. Our six surgeons offer a combined experience of over 130 years of spine surgery practice and have performed tens of thousands of procedures. There are few institutions in the country with this much combined experience and expertise. Furthermore, the department truly functions as a team. Treatment decisions are seldom made in isolation. Visit us on the web: • 800-422-8482 1 Carilion Clinic Neurosurgery offers a wide selection of neuroscience talks that we are happy to bring to your practice, group, hospital, service club, community gathering, or medical society. We are delighted to give these sessions to an audience of one or several hundred. Talks can be tailored in length and can even be paired with a lunch or dinner. Some common topics are listed to the right, but we are happy to cover virtually any neuroscience-related subject. To arrange a talk, please call us at 540-526-1200. Neuroscience Talks Low back pain Neck pain Pinched nerve syndromes Concussion Return to play after neurological injury Severe head injuries Hematomas Intracranial hemorrhages Aneurysmal rupture Spina bifida Chiari malformation Tethered spinal cord Spinal deformity Scoliosis Common brain tumors Seizures Stroke management Carpal tunnel syndrome/ulnar neuropathy Brachial plexus injuries Topics include: Hydrocephalus Ventricular-peritoneal shunts Normal pressure hydrocephalus Dementias Sports injuries Ethics in the neurosciences CyberKnife stereotactic radiation Pituitary tumors Neuro critical care Parkinson’s disease Epilepsy care and surgery Brain death Spinal fractures Breaking bad news Implantable pain devices Interesting cases Care of neurologic patients in the primary care office And many more...

Neurosurgery Update - Summer 2013

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