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Available now at: displaying 100 ARPA targets ➤ Display up to 1000 AIS symbols ➤ Improved detection capability by new MIC and I/F amplifier ➤ High resolution DVI-D LCD ➤ Two independent X- and S-band radars can be interswitched to meet SOLAS requirements on ships 3,000 - 10,000 GT ➤ Low spurious magnetrons meeting ITU-R unwanted emission standards ➤ Interswitch capability without dedicated hardware for dual or multiple radar/ARPA installation 7558 Greenly Drive Oakland, CA 94605 Tel: (510) 430-2660 Fax: (510) 430-2671 24 Hour Service (415) ANY-BOAT 269-2628 . For rapid, 24 hour service, installation or repairs, call the FCC, GMDSS, Radar and VDR Endorsed professionals at Anyboat Marine Electronics, Inc. GOLDEN GATE PORTS HANDBOOK 2010-2011 ➤ ARPA function is standard

Golden Gate Ports Handbook

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