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ANNUAL REPORT Canada’s History: Connecting with readers W Message from the Chair T michelle valberg Canada’s History honour roll.indd 7 August - September 2010 Marianne helm his has been a great year for Canada’s History Society, as the stories that follow illustrate. I spent much of my first year as Chair of the Board silently thanking my predecessors for ensuring that the Society was ready for changes that included settling into a new home at the University of Winnipeg, announcing the new name for our magazine, expanding our presence in the digital world, and establishing new partnerships with the University of Winnipeg. The board continues to explore different ways to achieve our mission, which is to help all Canadians learn about and enjoy our country’s unique past. I will admit to spurts of glee when I saw the magazine’s new title go viral, with mentions by Stephen Colbert and The Economist, and when I watched Canadian superstar Paul Gross, winner of the Society’s Pierre Berton medal, mingle with our other wonderful award winners at the annual history awards ceremony at Government House. Thanks to members, supporters, and staff, we continue to keep Canadian history in the present and ready for the future. Alongside a year of solid achievements is our perennial concern with the balance sheet: We are an organization that depends on its supporters for sixty-seven percent of its funding (the government provides 28.2 percent). Our efforts to broaden our audience and reach younger Canadians are working, but they involve a substantial investment in new media. In order to fund this and other initiatives, the board has embarked on an ambitious fundraising campaign, and we are all asked to make a unique one-time contribution to help the website grow. So please, take a look at And if you enjoy it, I hope you too might join the board’s campaign to become an annual donor; or if you already are one, make an additional one-time gift to support these new media investments! — Charlotte Gray, Chair Marcelo Vasquez 2009 Pierre Berton Award winner Paul Gross poses with Zoe Banville, co-winner of the 2009 Kayak Illustrated History Challenge, and her parents. hen Frank Rowan speaks, it’s like travelling back in time. Suddenly, it’s no longer 2010 — it’s 1945, and it’s as if you are sitting next to Rowan when his Lancaster bomber is hit by an enemy night fighter. Hearing him describe what it is like to tumble out of a burning airplane — the sky ablaze with anti-aircraft fire — only to be captured on the ground by Nazi troops, is, in a word, chilling. Rowan’s story ran in the June-July issue of Canada’s History magazine — but it didn’t end there. I also recorded my interview with Rowan digitally. This was transformed into a podcast for our website, We also posted online extra photos of Rowan at the POW camp in Germany in 1945, as well as a 1944-era map that showed all the known Nazi POW camps at that time. How times have changed in the magazine business! Today, the Internet allows us to tell stories in myriad ways: via interviews with authors and historians, music files, photo galleries, and online videos. At Canada’s History Online, you’ll regularly find stories and other content that doesn’t appear in the magazine, such as our Frank Rowan. recent package on the British home children. The year 2010 has been declared the Year of the British Home Child, and we marked it by featuring exclusive photos of home children, along with profiles of the people who are working to keep their stories alive for future generations. Our goal is to connect you to your history and to your fellow history buffs. Discussion forums allow you to voice your opinion on history stories, while our news section keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in Canadian history. We have genealogy resources for family historians, online extensions of our popular “Album” and “Trading Post” magazine departments, and even a history photo club. It’s a lot of extra work — requiring time, effort, and extra financial resources — but at Canada’s History magazine, we believe it’s worth the effort! — Mark Reid, Editor-in-Chief 55 5/27/10 9:20:06 AM

2009 Annual Report Canada's History

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