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Vol. 32 / Issue 1 Campus Current A n n e A r u n d e l C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e An Independent Student Newspaper Monday, Mond nd nda day, ay Se September ptemb t ber 10 10, 20 2012 012 @campuscurrent Photography By Ken Harriford Something Old; Something New By Kyle McKenzie Staff Writer The newly renovated Andrew G. Truxal Library on campus is now open for students and faculty to use. This time last year, the library was nothing more than an empty shell. Now it is an impressive 74,000-square-foot building in the middle of campus. This renovation project cost $19 million, which was under the estimated cost of $21 million. During the construction the library was moved to a temporary building next to the tennis courts last year so that construction could begin, and continued up to the beginning of the fall semester. When visitors walk into the library from the first floor entrance, their gaze is drawn to the large room of over 100 computers for students to use for study and homework. The library has three floors and 20 group study rooms, a large increase in the amount available before the renovation. Each study room has a monitor that students can use to do work that would require the use of a computer. The second floor also has a section that contains over 200 magazines, newspapers, and journals that are published regularly. It also has over 140,000 books and around 10,000 audiovisual items. The entire third floor of the library is a quiet study, with quiet study rooms available for students to use, away from distractions and noises. Campus /ife pg 2 2pinion pg  @aaccbeh:You get alot of privacy with hidden desks and tables in nooks and crannies and private cubical. #truxal @mollywinans: with 2 million left over from the budget for #truxal, I wonder where the money went? to another building p on campus? Photography By Ken Harriford Timothy Pickeral , 18 (l) and Tyler Anderson, 20 (r) take advantage using one of the many group study rooms in the library. @KMSully725: #truxal the library was also made with recycled goods!! INDEX )aculty pg  Around AACC pg 5 ClassiÀdes pg 7

Campus Current Vol. 32 / Issue 1

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