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INSIDE CALIFORNIA UNIVERSIT Y Orientation Schedule PAGE 2 Media Open House PAGE 3 Football Ranked in Top 25 PAGE 4 Soccer Ranked in Top 25 PAGE 4 CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA AUGUST 25, 2011 VOL. 31, NO. 1 Earthquake rocks Cal U: See Page 2 More than just food on campus to eat By Joshua Laska Sports/Managing Editor There are many options for food off campus for when campus food “gets old”. The options range from fast food to sit down restaurants. Subway Located a short walk from campus on third street, this is the go to restaurant for campus students looking for a change from campus food. The Great Wall Past Subway the Chinese restaurant is also on Third Street, it is possible to get all sorts of favorite Chinese dishes from here, including: egg rolls and General Tsos chicken. Photo By: Joshua Laska Ryan Minutello (senior/radio and tv communication) enjoys a slice of ranch pizza from Lagerheads, located in Coal Center. J Coles Almost right next door to The Great Wall is some of the best pizza in town for a great price. On Tuesday, depending on the time of order, the price is between $6-10 for a large 1 topping pizza. Kwik Fill Across the street from The Great Wall, still on Third Street, Kwik Fill offers chicken, pizza, and fries to fill those hunger urges. They also have medicine and drinks for late at night when all of the other stores are closed. Dairy Queen Further down Third Street, on the same side as The Great Wall and Subway, is everyone’s favorite ice cream place. Besides ice cream, it is possible to get burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and even shrimp. Spuds If instead of walking straight at the light, make a right at the light. Located on the left side of Wood Street is Spuds. They offer every type of burger imaginable, as well as fries with every topping possible. Campy’s Pizza Also on the left side of Wood Street, continue walking past Spuds and there is Campy’s. Here they serve pizza, subs, and the best bread sticks in Cal. Quiznos Right across the street from Campy’s, they serve different types of subs than what is available at Subway. Lagerheads Located out of Cal on Water Street in Coal Center, still a short walk away (1.6 miles from campus), it is possible to get a good steak from here as well as some really good pizza. There are also many food options just a short drive from Cal in Belle Vernon, Uniontown or Brownsville. Dorm Suite Home: Add a personal touch By Jessica Zombek Editor in Chief Moving away from home can be bittersweet. It’s exciting to be able to make your own decisions and experience living in a different setting. It can also be hard to transition from the comfort your parents have provided for years. Now instead of the cozy feeling of your living room and bedroom at home, you’re placed somewhere new with white walls and possibly a stranger living in the immediate vicinity. As a college student, your dorm room is not only your bedroom, but also your library, kitchen, study room and living room all-in-one. It’s important to love and make it your own. Your dorm room needs to reflect your personality and create a space where you can live comfortably as well as a place that is conducive to studying. Bringing something comforting from home, like a comforter or cozy blanket, can add a homey feel to your dorm room. These comforting items add a warm feel to the new surroundings. Photos are another comforting item to place around your dorm room. It’s a good idea to print some out and sticky-tac them to the wall, but putting photos in frames and placing a few on the desk and dresser makes it feel more like home. Joe Ferlin, (senior/graphic communications) brought many things from home. “I made my room feel like my bedroom at home,” said Joe. “I brought posters, my Xbox and my big screen TV.” Buying floor and desk lamps can fix the harsh lighting of the dorm room. Floor lamps are nice to have in the evening to cuddle up with your comforter from home and read a book or magazine to escape from school work for a little bit. Desk lamps are nice for working late at night and not having to bother the roommate who is sleeping just feet away. Having beanbag chairs or other alternative seating is also nice. A futon can be a way to separate the room and add extra space for visitors to sit or sleep comfortably. Wal Mart and Target sell futons as well as butterfly and orb chairs. Area rugs are also a nice addition. California University of Pennsylvania’s dorms have carpet, but at times it’s nice to lay on the floor to study, read, or watch movies. Having an area rug not only provides comfort, but also adds spunk and color to what was a white walled – brown carpeted room. What are ways that you are making your dorm feel like home? Check us out on www. and send us your ideas and post photos on our facebook page http://www. Photos By: Joshua Laska Top: The way a dorm room looks when you first get to California University of Pennsylvania. Bottom: One student’s way to add a “touch of home” after moving in. F O R N E W S , S CO R E S , A N D V IDEO ON DEMAND, VISIT THE C AL TIMES NEW S SITE ON-LINE - WWW.C ALTIMES.ORG

Cal Times - August 25, 2011

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