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Center for Information & Systems Engineering The Division offers research opportunities through the Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE), an interdisciplinary home for fundamental research in systems science and applications impacting society, such as cyberphysical systems, smart lighting, medical imaging, video surveillance, modern energy systems and bioinformatics. With a proven track record of scholarship, funding and industry collaboration, CISE faculty bring vast research experience to addressing these challenges. CAREER PLACEMENT ONGOING RESEARCH PROJECTS The Division brings together faculty from across the University to pursue interdisciplinary, collaborative research in systems engineering in partnership with CISE. Acclaimed examples of such ongoing projects include: Graduates from Boston University’s SE program are well-trained to make an impact in careers of innovation in modeling, analysis, simulation, control, optimization, and management of complex systems. Working with complex engineering systems from a broad and interdisciplinary angle, this unique program prepares students for successful careers with pioneering corporations and influential positions in academic institutions worldwide. • A Smart Parking system that identifies and reserves optimal parking spaces for motorists through a mobile phone app and guides them to those spaces – Christos Cassandras • More effective ways of detecting computer data intrusions using clustering/pattern recognition to prevent cyber attacks – Ioannis Paschalidis • Aerial “Batcopter” that studies bats in flight to develop smarter unmanned flight control systems – John Baillieul R E S E A R C H A N D G R A D U AT E P R O G R A M S I N systems Engineering (SE)

Division of Systems Engineering

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