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Interview: Manuela Furdui, managing partner of Finexpert, tells BR that the relatively low absorption rate of state aid lies in the lack of publicity surrounding the financing scheme and absence of major investments in Romania »page 9 ROMANIA’S PREMIERE BUSINESS WEEKLY Local agencies are setting up specialized divisions to cater to the demand for content-driven, social media-related PR services »page 8 April 2 - 8, 2012 / VOLUME 16, NUMBER 11 HOTEL MARKET HIT BADLY BY THE GENERAL ECONOMIC DIP, INDEPENDENT OPERATORS FACE HARD COMPETITION FROM BIG CHAINS, WHO IN TURN HAVE DIFFICULTY IN FINDING PREMISES »PAGE 6 A NEW VOICE FOR PR GREEK INVESTMENT RESTAURANT REVIEW FILM REVIEW Island of hope Novi Aquarium The Source Greek investors active locally are trying to move beyond their country’s difficulties and shore up their interests in Romania » page 12 Our food critic finds fish galore at this elegant eatery, which has swum to a new location on Calea Floreasca » page 13 Local-born director Radu Mihaileanu’s latest film is a long way from Romanian New Wave. BR’s critic enjoys an inspiring fable » page 14

Business Review Issue 11/2012 April 2 - 8

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