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Business Digest KL/EKM/637/2009-’11 Page No. 1 Licence No. KL/CR/EKM/WPP-11/2009-’11 Licensed to Post Without Prepayment July 2010 Read our online edition at Price Rs 10/- Vol. 17 Issue 7 Kochi July 2010 R.N.I. Registration No. 62545/94 Dr. Ananda Bose envisages relief to coconut growers through CDB-NAFED tie-up Women have a finer Snap shots sense of touch Smart phones exposing kids to suicide, sex The joining hands of Coconut Board and NAFED will be rewarding for coconut- based industries and consumes as well as NAFED is strong in marketing and international trade. NAFED is planning vigerous marketing of coconut products in North India. For this it will tie-up with retail chains in various states Women seem to be gifted with a finer sense of touch, thanks to their slender, smaller fingers. ‘Neuroscientists have long known that some people have a better sense of touch than others, but the reasons for this difference have been mysterious,’ said neuroscientist and study author Daniel Goldreich of McMaster University.’ Our discovery reveals that one important factor in the sense of touch is finger size,’ added Goldreich. To learn why men and women have different finger sensitivity, the authors first measured index fingertip size of 100 university students. Each student’s tactile acuity was then tested by pressing progressively narrower parallel grooves against a stationary fingertip — the tactile equivalent of the optometrist’s eye chart.T he authors found that people with smaller fingers could discern tighter grooves .’The difference between the sexes appears to be entirely due to the relative size of the person’s fingertips,’ said Ethan Lerner of Massachusetts General Hospital, who is not with the study group.’So, a man with fingertips that are smaller than a woman’s will be more sensitive to touch than the woman.’ Business News Service Coconut Development Board (CDB) is joining hands with the National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation (NAFED) to market coconut products across the country as well as globally. Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose IAS,Chairman of CDB and Managing Director, NAFED told Business Digest that the objective of this tie-up is to avoid intermediaries to reduce the price spread and introduce coconut products in non-traditional area also. NAFED, which is strong in marketing, plans to market coconut oil,virgin coconut oil, tender coconut water, coconut milk and desiccated coconut powder under the NAFEd brand through co- branded retail out- lets and retail chains in different states. For this NAFED will tie-up with retail chains.’ Since NAFED is involved in procurement, it can supply coconuts at affordable prices under strict quality standards. It can act as a canalising agency for the export of coconut productsas NAFED is a major exporter of onion and soya been cake and importer of pulses. Copra can be marketed in North India as a dry fruit. We are thinking of making tender coconut water a part of the mid-day meal scheme in some schools of Delhi and to promote refrigerated push carts to sell coconut water in metros. “Delhi Commomwealth Games also will provide an opportunity for us to promote the NAFED Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose Civil Service Institute Pala: A prestigious institution - Tom Kuriakose - brand of coconut products. Tender coconut water, we expect, will be well accepted during the Games”, says, Ananda Bose. As part of this new marketing initiatives, Coconut Board >> Turn to page 8 Smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone are allowing children to download violent and sexually explicit games that have escaped government classification.T he classification loophole means schoolchildren given smart phones and similar devices by their parents are being exposed to material w h i c h would be restricted in other forms of media, such as video game consoles, magazines and movies. The material can be downloaded on >> Turn to page 11 Dull hair is signs that someting is amiss with your health Brittle nails, dull hair or a crease in one of the earlobes these are some of the many signs thrown up by your body to indicate something is amiss with your health, according to an American expert. Dr. Holly Phillips said these signs could signify underlying >> Turn to page 7 Kerala will see a new star in management education LEAD College of Management in Dhoni, Palakkad, a business school with many special features opens for admissions LEAD College of ManageFully residential, Life skill ment, the Institute located at training, Flexi timing, Student Dhoni, Palakkad provides post graduate education for budding managers, administering state of art teaching tools and procedures for the same purpose. The institute owned by Prompt Charitable Trust incubates the Students from Civil Service Academy, Pala who have been successful in Civil Service Examinations entrants into excelling execuwere felicitated at a function held at the Academy. K.M. Mani MLA, Prof. Isaac Thomas Principal, tives with an edge in their attiDr. Joseph Vettickadan, Chief co-ordinator, among others, are seen with the achievers. tude and professional outlook. Civil Service Institute Pala IDCHRD Trust, the institution is Kanjirappally . It is approved by The trust is run under the guidhas an excellent track record sponsored, jointly, by Arch-Dio- the government of India as a ance of its chairman Thomas in the civil service coaching. cese of Changanacherry, the National Institute for Pre - ex- George K., & Trustees, Pratheesh Established in 1998 by Diocese of Pala and Thomas George: Innovative Ideas >> Turn to page 9 V. and Zacharia George. mentoring by specialists, Out bound training,Special focus on entrepreneurship, Practical business exposure, English speaking campus, Coaching for foreign languages, Corporate Social Responsibility projects, Earn while you learn etc, are the special features of Lead. Full-fledged campus satisfying all AICTE norms, 24 Hours Full-fledged Online Digital Library, Library with more than 6000 books accesible >> Turn to page 11


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