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Buna Beacon WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2012 VOLUME 22, ISSUE 31 Buna murder suspect takes guilty plea on tax charges By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor A Buna woman who is a suspect in the investigation of her husband’s 2011 murder pled guilty to multiple tax violation charges last Thursday in a Beaumont federal courtroom. Patricia Wiggins Sheard, 61, of Buna, was named in a federal grand jury’s indictment along with Elizabeth Gayle Bailey, 57, of Spurger in December of 2011. In December, Sheard was charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, and Bailey was charged with one WINNING GRAND CHAMPION hog at the Jasper County Junior Livestock Show Saturday was Matthew Akridge of conspiracy to defraud the United the Evadale FFA, left, and winning Grand Champion goat was Madisyn McClelland of the Buna 4-H group, right. States and 14 counts of preparing false tax returns. According to United States Attorney John M. Bales, Sheard entered a guilty plea on Thursday before United States Magistrate Judge Zack Hawthorne, and earlier last week, Bailey also pled guilty before Hawthorne to charges from the same conHours spent raising an animal ship winners were announced, as spiracy. or working on a project culmi- Evadale senior Brooke Burnett According to Bales, Bailey nated in several more hours of and Jasper senior Will Miller founded Gayle’s Taxes in 1999 in hard work and competition last each received $1,500, Buna seSee Tax... Page 5A week, as the Jasper County nior Erika Jade Hunt received Junior Livestock Show was held, $1,250, and Evadale senior Branwith Buna and Evadale partici- don Midkiff received a $1,000 pants taking some of the top award. Brittany Nichols of Kirbyville spots. Evadale FFA member Matthew FFA won Grand Champion steer, Ackridge won Grand Champion while Heather Folk and Tanner hog, selling for $2726.50, Buna Sims, both of Kirbyville FFA, FFA member Keather Nichols won Grand Champion rabbit and won Grand Champion lamb, sell- broiler, respectively. Buna FFA member Brian Askew ing for $1,500, and Buna 4-H member Madisyn McClelland won third place steer, selling for won Grand Champion goat, sell- $7,200, while Evadale FFA member Colten Cotton won third ing for $1,600. Buna 4-5 member Erica Berry place hog, selling for $1,228.50. Buna 4-H member Jordan won Reserve Champion hog, selling for $1,470, and Evadale Jr. VanDevender won third place FFA member Austin Reeves won lamb, selling for $1,200, while ADDING TO THE Buna total, Buna FFA member Keather Reserve Champion rabbit, selling Buna FFA member Zach Ford Nichols, third from left, won the Grand Champion lamb for $1,500. award at the Jasper County Junior Livestock Show held Sheard Saturday evening the scholarSee Livestock... Page 9A last Saturday evening. Buna, Evadale students top winners at Livestock Show 50 CENTS Officers make arrest in Evadale theft cases By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor As spring is in the air, Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman’s office is continuing to pressure suspects in local cases, as one man was arrested last week after successful investigations. On Mar. 23, Deputy Jason McClelland and Captain Bob Walker were able to solve two burglary cases, both recently occurring in Evadale, with the arrest of Delton Whitmire, Jr. Whitmire, 28, was charged with theft of property over $50 and, as of Monday, a warrant for Whitmire’s arrest was issued by McClelland for a burglary of a habitation charge. As of Monday, he was still in custody in the Jasper County Jail. The case began when a television was allegedly stolen from an Evadale home off CR 1131 over a week ago. McClelland began the investigation, and the Evadale burglary came back up last week when he answered a disturbance call from Whitmire’s girlfriend. In the midst of dealing with the disturbance call, Whitmire’s girlfriend told McClelland that her little girl’s Nook, an electronicbook reader, was recently stolen. Walker said that while looking into the alleged stolen Nook, evidence pointed to Whitmire as the alleged thief, not only for his girlfriend’s daughter’s Nook, but also the alleged stolen television. Whitmire allegedly took both of the items and sold them. The officers were able to locate Whitmire, and McClelland and Walker recovered the items from the people he allegedly sold them to. The items have been returned to their respective owners, and the investigation continues. - BEACON BRIEFS - Square dancers have Buna Elementary Pre-K and Kindergarten round-up Pre-K and Kindergarten Round Up for the 2012-13 school year at Buna Elementary will be held on Apr. 11 from 9 to 11 a.m. in the elementary library. Preschool story time today at 10:30 a.m. The Buna Public Library hosts their weekly preschool story time today at 10:30 a.m. for preschoolers and their parents or guardians. The hour of fun begins with a story and craft actitivity about frogs. BISD trustees meeting changed to Apr. 10 Redbud fun all year By Tina Cooley Beacon Reporter Although the 2012 Redbud Festival has come and gone, there’s a group in Buna who carry the Redbud name all year long. The Lions Hall in Buna is alive with dancers every fourth Tues- The Buna Independent School District board meeting scheduled for Monday, Apr. 9 has been moved to Tuesday, Apr. 10 at 7 p.m. Buna Little League Opening Ceremonies The Buna Little League opening ceremonies will be held Saturday, Mar. 31 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Buna Little League ball fields located on Hwy. 62. Blood Drive for the late Janie Bouillion Mar. 31 M.D. Anderson Cancer Center blood bank will host a blood and platelet drive benefitting the late Janie Bouillion on Saturday, Mar. 31 at First United Methodist Church in Buna from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All donations will count towards the units used for Bouillion and help defray the medical expenses incurred by the family. Surgeries have already been planned based on the number of donors who registered to donate blood and platelets. For more information, contact Diane Wylie at 994-5203 or Kay Simmons at 423-9073. Buna 4-H meeting cancelled The Buna 4-H meeting for the month of April has been cancelled. Meetings will resume in the month of May and be held at Central Baptist Church in Buna. Self defense classes for women The Newton County District Attorney’s Office and Family Services of Southeast Texas Piney Wood Safe House have joined together to sponsor free self defense classes for women on the second Saturday of each month. The next class is scheduled for Apr. 14. For more information, contact Tonia Rooney at 379-8600. See Briefs... Page 3A HERC AND MICKEY Rogers are two of the Redbud Square Dancers members. day of the month from 7 to 9 p.m. That’s where you’ll find Buna residents Sue Burt and Mickey Rogers, along with several other folks who come from all around the Golden Triangle area to enjoy an evening of good ol’ square dancing fun. “We like to have a good time,” said Sue. “Some of the other area clubs don’t seem to have as good of a time as we do.” Sue is the president of the Buna Redbud Square Dancers. She leads the group of dancers that meet monthly with her husband James; Herc and Mickey Rogers, secretary; and Rick Wakefield, treasurer. “We’ve had as many as several dozen members and as few as six,” said Mickey. “It’s always fun with our group, but the more you have the better it gets.” There’s always plenty of food to go around. Each meeting, someone from the group mentions what entree they’ll bring to the next meeting, and the other group members fix side dishes and desserts. “Sometimes it’s home cooking and other times it’s fried chicken out of a take-out box,” said Mickey. “Whatever it is, it gets eaten.” Many of the group members have become like family and have get-togethers outside of the regular dance meetings. Several of the members attended a National Convention in San Antonio back in 2007. Mickey, one of the Buna dancers asked to be a greeter at the San Antonio airport, recalls the event. “People came from all over and there were folks from as far away as Japan,” she said. “When they’d get to the common area of the airport, they would recognize us as square dancers by our greeting, known as yellow rock.” THE JASPER COUNTY Sheriff’s department took the two HMMVs out last Tuesday evening to patrol flooded areas. Sheriff’s department puts military vehicles to use By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor Not many Sheriff’s offices have a military tactical vehicle, but Jasper County Sheriff’s Department recently acquired not one, but two High Mobility Multi-purpose Vehicles. Due to all the rain last week, the Humvees were put to use by officers to patrol commonly flooded areas in Jasper County. Both of the Humvees were once used by the Department of Defense and are no longer needed. “They’re still usable, so we thought we could put them to good use here where we need them,” said Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman. Newman says the new additions will help deputies get to flood scenes faster and improve search and rescues, something See Dancers... Page 2A they got to experience first-hand last Tuesday evening, Mar. 20. Newman and several members of the department drove through neighborhoods in Kirbyville and Roganville where water was already over six foot deep in some locations. “That right there is supposed to be a bridge,” said Lt. Scott Duncan, pointing out one specific spot in Roganville. Water flowed over the street and into the creek on the other side, and no road markers could be seen. “People try to drive through flooded areas all the time,” said Newman, “and if they get stalled, our patrol cars can’t get to them. These Hummers will help us respond more quickly.” Duncan explained that the Hummers can be submerged in water all the way over the hood See Sheriff... Page 3A

March 28, 2012 Buna Beacon

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