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Well done Brookvale High School! Good with outstanding features says OFSTED Brookvale High School, in Groby, “provides an outstanding curriculum for its students. A key focus is on language and international learning in line with the school’s specialism.” The school which caters for 640 students between the ages of 11 and 14 was given a “good” rating overall, with “outstanding” for leadership and management, curriculum, care, guidance and support, attendance, equal opportunities and workplace skills. Inspectors reported, “Teaching is good overall with much that is outstanding.” “The quality of care, guidance and support is outstanding. Students state that staff are “there for them” and that staff are willing to give up time whenever they need any help.” To improve further, the inspectors recommended the school shares good practice in classroom assessment in order to increase the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning. In the letter from the lead inspector to the students themselves, the students were told: “We were very impressed with how smart you looked in your uniform and how well you worked together in lessons. We agree with you that you go to a good and rapidly improving school.” Your Recycling & Refuse Guide Planning changes delay Bloor’s decision In July the Communities and Local Government Secretary announced that Regional Strategies were being revoked with immediate effect. Councils would have the freedom to prepare their local plans without having to follow top-down targets from “regional quangos and bureaucrats.” But it was not as straight forward as he first thought and has led to a delay in the publication of the Inspector’s decision over the Bloor’s housing application. Turn to page 16 for the full story. Loads of Spring College Courses to choose from! Pudsey Bear visits Martinshaw school! Groby Community College - in conjunction with other local venues - is offering a selection of stimulating college courses this Spring. Among the courses on offer are: Astronomy, Winter Cookery, First Steps in Computing, Cake Decorating, Tai Chi, Watercolour Painting, Pottery, Guitar Playing, Jewellery Making, Digital Animation Using Flash, and several language courses. Courses start in late January/early February so now is the time to think about enrolling. The full list of courses is on page 11 of this issue of Spotlight. See page 3 for more Next issue out on 12th February • Article/Advert Deadline: 3rd February

January 2011 Groby Spotlight

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