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PUNCH BOWLS PERFECT TO SHARE, SERVED TO YOUR TABLE WITH A LADLE AND GLASSES. YOU HAVE TO GET HERE BE FORE 11PM TO SA MPLE THESE BA D BOYS . SANGRIA £16 We take Spanish Tempranillo or Viura wine, Cointreau, mandarin liqueur, lemon juice, passion fruit juice, orange juice and some sugar to sweeten it up and we serve it all in our distinctive punch bowls. JAY TWO WOW BAR PRICELIST Passion fruit, apple and lychee juices with a splash of lime juice and lengthened with ginger beer. DRAUGHT £3.5 L owenbrau Stella B lack Stella 5% B ecks vier Franziskaner Stella 4% L e B londe Hoegarden HUSTLE £3.5 Apple Juice muddled with raspberries and strawberries, with a touch of vanilla syrup, shaken with with cream and served long. BOTTLED LAGER Corona Peroni San Miguel E strella damm Heineken R ed stripe SUMMER BREEZE PUNCH BOTTLED CIDER £16 A proper ‘sip it on the veranda’ drink made with Gin, lillet blanc, lemon juice, orange curacao and fresh mint tea, yum. PIMMS PUNCH £16 £3.85 £3.90 £3.85 £3.60 £4.35 £3.60 £3.95 £4.35 Stella cidre Magners Westons Gwynt Y Ddraig SHOOTERS SM ALL YET FEISTY MIXES TO TANTALISE! VODKA – 25ml Chambord and B aileys with a sugar rim S Absolut Absolut flavours Finlandia flavours Zubrowka Grey goose 42 below flavours £16 SPIRIT OF MEXICO GIN – 25ml 10 Feet Tall’s own grog mix of rums, lime and lemon juices, pomegranate juice, passion fruit juice, lychee juice and grenadine... Juicy! Jose Cuervo Tequila and Patron XO Cafe tequila 10 FEET TALL GROG MOCKTAILS WE ALSO SERVE A SELECTION OF TEAS AND COFFEES AS WELL AS ORANGE, CLOUDY APP LE, PINEA PP LE, CRANBERRY, GRAPEFRUIT, LYCHEE, POMEGRANATE, PASSION FRUIT AND MANGO JUICES. BLOODY SHAME £3.5 Tomato juice, lemon juice, tobasco, worcester sauce, celery salt and black pepper served with a slice of cucumber. JAM DONUT £3 Gordons B ombay sapphire Millers Plymouth Tanqueray Hendriks £3 TENNESSEE TIPPLE B acardi Pamper Havanna esp Matusalem 10 Angostura 1919 Capt morgan Sailor jerry’s £2.95 £2.95 £3.05 £3.05 £3.15 £2.95 £2.95 BOURBON + WHISKY – 25ml £3.40 £3.40 £3.40 £3.40 £3.40 £3.40 £4.10 £4.10 £4.10 £4.10 £3.05 £2.95 £2.95 £2.95 £3.05 £3.50 £2.95 £2.95 £3.15 £3.15 £3.15 £3.15 £3.05 Jack daniels Jim beam blk Makers mark Knob creek Woodford reserve Sazerac rye Johnnie walker red Jamesons Glenfiddich 12 Penderyn £2.95 £3.05 £3.05 £3.05 £3.15 £4.10 £3.15 £2.95 £3.15 £3.15 TEQUILA – 25ml Sauza blanco Jose cuerva Patron xo café Sauza hornitos Don Julio blanco Cazedores - COCKTAILS £2.95 £2.95 £3.55 £3.35 £3.80 £3.15 COGNAC – 25ml Martell vs Hennessey vs Courvoisier vsop R emy martin vsop R emy martin xo Courvoisier xo £2.95 £3.15 £3.70 £3.75 £10.00 £9.00 £3 B ulliet bourbon and black sambucca B52 £3 Kahlua, B aileys and Grand Marnier B55 £3 Kahlua, B aileys and Abinsthe A healthy Measure of pimms with orange liqueur, ginger beer and lemonade, served with mint, oranges, lemons, strawberries and cucumber. Now that’s just summer in a bowl! RUM – 25ml BAR_ KITCHEN_ TAPAS_ COCKTAILS_ VINCENT VAN GOGH £3 Chambord and Absinthe shaken with lime juice EST. 10 FEET TALL 11a-12 Church St, Car CF 10 1BG Tel: 02920 228 883 Web: 10feettallcar .com 20 08

10 Feet Tall Cocktail Menu - Spring/Summer 2012

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