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The Brunswick Student’s News Source The runswick Chronicle All The News That Fits We Print What’s Inside Headlines Wick Explores Sports Options By Addison Bennett (P. 1, 8) Student Creates Youtube Sensation By Peter Ciporin (P. 1, 7) Around Wick Peisch’s Puzzle Playhouse By Will Peisch, (P. 2) A Message From the President By Michael Chronert (P. 3) New Writing Center By James Whittemore (P. 3) Guys and Dolls Update By Yousef Hindy (P. 3) Joe Girardi Assembly By William Fein (P. 4) Nicholas Kristof Visits GA By Rebecca Deubler (P. 5) David Boies visits Brunswick By Jake Matthews and Matthew Cassoli (P. 6) Wick Hosts Lost Hikers By William Fein (P. 7) Featured Artist: Jerry Craft By Kirk Meyer (P. 9) The Importance of a Field Goal By Sean Forester (P. 10) Growth of Soccer in America By Jack Seaton (P. 10) Republican Primary Analysis By Reed McMurchy (P. 11) Legendary Coach Remembered By Holden Fett (P. 11) Wick Sports Varsity Basketball By Charlie Cassoli (P. 12) GA-Wick Fencing By Curren Iyer (P. 12) Varsity Basketball By Charlie Cassoli (P. 12) Freshman Basketball By Jack Duggan (P. 13) Hockey Update By Peter Khoury (P. 13) Wick Paddle By Christopher Keller (P. 13) Varsity Squash By Parker Odrich (P. 13) Wick Wrestling By Johnny Erdman (P. 14) GA Sports Update By Kat Goldsmith (P. 15) Brunswick Community Special (P. 16) Page 1 Wick Explores Future Sports Options often find themselves looking for options and finding nothing especially appealing. “What we find in the winter is that we’ve got lots and lots of kids who want to play sports, but there’s nothing for them to do,” says Headmaster Tom Philip; “it’s not fair to the kids.” The lack of sports options in the winter results in an unfortunate reality: many students are turning to IM sports like IMBL and paddle tennis or alternatives such as weight training while interest in competing on Brunswick is exploring the option of building a pool at the King Street campus. school teams seems to be Photo: Dan Burns 2011 dwindling. While these IM By Addison Bennett ‘12 to accommodating everyone during alternatives to the inter-scholastic teams Managing Editor the winter season. With limited are attractive and reasonable for older The Brunswick Athletic indoor facilities, coaching staff, and a students to pursue, the school must Program, with all its strengths, surely somewhat reduced number of teams Continued on Page 8 has its limits, especially when it comes compared to other seasons, students World Vision Club Update By Kyle Chen (P. 9) Student Editorials Issue 5: February 2012 By Peter Ciporin ‘15 Staff Writer Student Creates Youtube Sensation Each time he took a picture, Grant slightly adjusted the LEGOs’ positions, a grueling process which, he says, took roughly 15 hours to shoot, 40 hours to edit, and 5 hours to touch-up at the end. The final product: a three-minute short film Grant sent to the developers for further editing before he finally put it online. The video initially depicts a territory, leaving the conclusion of this masterful film uncertain. Grant used the game, “Stronghold Kingdoms,” as the core inspira Over this past Christmas tion for his video, but he used certain Break, while many of us were lying elements that he liked from some of on a beach somewhere in the CaribFirefly Studios’ other games to crebean or skiing mountains out west, ate a better, more entertaining story Brunswick student Grant MacFadline. One such element that many din ’15 was working hard to create viewers loved was when a LEGO a stop-motion film cow is catapulted production worthy of over the castle walls. being released to the This promoworld. Produced for tional film is not the independent game the first stop-modevelopers “Firefly tion animation that Studios” as a promoGrant has made. In tion for their newest fact, Grant has been game “Stronghold making short movKingdoms,” the threeies since his days in minute short video Lower School. It has been viewed over was only two years 14,000 times since ago, however, that Grant uploaded in to he first attempted to YouTube on January 18. Grant MacFaddin ‘15 takes thousands of still photos to create create a stop-motion stop motion animation videos. Grant created production. “In 7th the video using a stopgrade, I was fascimotion filming technique. He took sleepy old man and then progresses nated with World War I,” Grant said, many pictures each with a minute ad- into the construction of an entire “and one time I asked myself, ‘What justment in the video’s subjects, and castle and town. A king arrives; vilif World War I had just ended it all?’” then after strung together the pic- lagers and merchants appear; life With this in mind, Grant cretures into a high frame rate sequence appears to thrive within the kingated a 40 second clip, later lengthto give the illusion of motion. In this dom. At one point, a rival kingened to two minutes when he was an case, Grant filmed LEGO pieces. dom even attacks the newly formed Continued on Page 7

The Chronicle - February 2012

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