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Beer Introductio Introduction CATALOG After being the market leader for 40 years, with more than 4000 products, Brouwland looks at the future with confidence. Thanks to its own brands, an efficient distribution and the strive for maximum customer satisfaction, Brouwland delivers its products in more than 65 countries worldwide with the help of 39 employees. 2012 - 2013 A constant search for new products and follow-up on the latest trends makes it possible for Brouwland to have the most elaborate range of products for the customer. Not only for amateur wine makers, beer brewers, liqueur makers or home farmers, but also for professionals: microbreweries, juice factories, winegrowers, etc.: all find their way to Brouwland. Cheese Liqueur YOUR RESELLER Our new catalog 2012-2013 was given a new and improved look, we hope you like it. Enjoy Bart Balis Wine Brouwland bvba Korspelsesteenweg 86 • B-3581 Beverlo - Belgium Tel. +32-(0)11-40.14.08 • Fax. +32-(0)11-34.73.59 •

Brouwland catalog 2012-2013

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