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Friday, August 16 2013 Your free weekly newspaper Inside: News | Sport | Business | Jobs | Arts and entertainment | Food and drink | Fashion and lifestyle | Motors Exclusive competition: WIN A VIP EXCLUSIVE EVENING WITH GROSVENOR CASINO - PAGE 26 The 10 best city restaurants Two for the price of... £6.5million P3 Mike Holland It’s Mr Jobsworth who’s bad for your health Exclusive: The Confessions of Gordon Brown P20 A-level results: how our schools performed P13 Portrait of the artist P16 Jean Calder The day my mother nearly died P8 P5 P6 Past and present: Preston Drove 01273 888600 - 12 - 18 Richardson Road, Hove P22 BRIGHTON AND HOVE CITY CABS We’ll get you where you want to be whatever time of day (01273) 205 205 205205 WE DELIVER FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE BEANS ALL OVER SUSSEX SO YOU CAN MAKE DELICIOUS DRINKS (01273) 205 205

Brighton and Hove Independent Issue 102 16th August 2013

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