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the bowl CHATT WHISKEY’S NEW DIGS dizzytown DEAR COUNCIL, OUR WISH LIST March 14, 2013 Vol. 10 • No. 11 Chattanooga’s Weekly Alternative Profitus Maximus Maximus runs Hamilton County’s child support enforcement program, but their performance has some local parents angry, confused and looking to county and state government for answers. By John Lasker Urban Dreaming After years of neglect under the current mayor, will Andy Berke embrace urban design as part of his broader vision for the city? By Rich Bailey IN THE 1960s, 70s & 80s, TOP BANDS ROUTINELY ROCKED THE THE WHO BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ZZ TOP LYNYRD SKYNYRD FOREIGNER CHICAGO PETER FRAMPTON BON JOVI AEROSMITH VAN HALEN EDGAR WINTER HUMBLE PIE ROXY MUSIC THE DOOBIE BROTHERS & MANY OTHERS SO WHAT HAPPENED? FORMER SOUND SEVENTY STAFFER & MUSIC INDUSTRY VETERAN BEN JUMPER SAYS: ‘IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN—WITH REAL MANAGERS’ theatre ‘sight for sore eyes’ screen lookout wild film festival food moe’s

The Pulse 10.11 » March 14-20, 2013

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