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B C D 8 10 km Meadow Creek Rd Celista Birding Hot Spot: Sorrento Squilax 3 e Turtl y Rd Valle White Lake Frontage Rd. Tappen P - Notch Phillips Lake 5.0 km 8.4 km in Skimik 6.4 km Tappen P Rd 6 Shuttle Drop-off Farmer’s Markets Salmon River Rd SORRENTO Gardom Lake 4.0 km Community Park Kernaghan Lake CELISTA Birding Hot Spot: Wednesdays 9AM to 1PM July to mid-September, North Shuswap Community Hall Parking Lot. Gardom Lake - Bald Eagle, Common Loons, Painted Turtles, Rednecked Grebes Park Rd 1.6 km Schu bert Rd Rd 13.1 km Salmon R iver Rd 3.7 km 5.9 km 5.5 km Round Lake Squilax Bridge (NORTH END) P4 Blind Bay Beach P5 Carlin School P6 Tappen Co-op TYPE KM 1. North Shuswap Adams River - St. Ives O&B 84K Haig-Brown Prov. Park P Roderick B2 RATING 21K P C1 2 P B2 O&B 26K Skwlax Service Station 3 4. Squilax - Little Shuswap Lake Skwlax Service Station P B2 O&B 13K 3 5. Blind Bay - Wildrose Bay P C2 Blind Bay Beach Parking Lot O&B 54K 4 6. White Lake - Notch Hill LOOP 42K School or P Carlin Sprokkets Cafe, Balmoral P5 D2 5A 7. Sunnybrae - Canoe Point P C3 O&B Tappen Co-op Gas Station 6 8. Skimikin Lake - Turtle Valley O&B O&B 27.6K 33K Café, Balmoral P Sprokkets C2 5A P 8 12. Eagle River Valley P 9 Paws in Motion Dog Park, across Eagle River Bridge. F2 LOOP with shuttle O&B 94K 26K d LEGEND - Hwy 97B junction 119°11’25.90”W P14 Grindrod Bridge: 50°37’35.30”N 119°6’53.77”W P16 Hyde Mtn Golf Course 50°48’9.74”N 118°59’54.74”W 50°49’14.44”N 119°19’9.63”W P11 Blackburn Park Salmon Arm 50°41’45.12”N 119°17’30.99”W P17 50°47’11.50”N 119°19’47.07”W P11 East Enderby Visitor Centre Hullcar Hall r La S. Grandview Flats Rd Otter Lake 6.8 km Lansdowne Rd 18 Crozier Rd 2.2 km 97A 50°31’0.19”N 119°13’42.84”W P18 Medical Clinic Hiking Area Info Centre Picnic Site View Point Farmer’s Market McLeod Rd Pleasant Valley Cross Rd P Bike Route Museum Distance Highway Provincial Campground Paved Road Swimming Gravel Road Golf Course Rail Road 7 Creek Winery 1.1 km Parking Area Agritourism Attraction Park Micro Brewery Cycle Friendly Accommodation To Vernon & Kelowna Hill Climb 3 - 4% Grade 4 - 5% Grade 50°26’52.78”W Armstrong Visitor Centre 119°11’49.02”W 50°41’51.69”N Salmon Arm Field House 119°15’0.23”W 6 Grocery Store Heighton Rd Larkin Cross Rd 50°32’57.84”N 119°8’11.21”W Restaurants Community Hall Mountain View Rd 4.7 km 4.2 km St. Anne’s Rd Back Enderby Rd 2.7 km Otte St. Anne’s Rd ke R d 8.7 km 3.6 km Rd Hospital 5% + Grade Okanagan Lake Paved Back Road Bike Routes. Grey background designates Signature Route. SeeSwan reverse for detailed route info. DIRECTIONS & HIGHLIGHTS ROUTE / PARKING TYPE KM Adams River Trails, Roderick-Haig Brown Park, Scotch Creek Park, winery, public beaches. Route details (over). Watch for summer traffic & no paved shoulders. THREE 5% - 6% HILLS FOR 3.9K TOTAL - OUT & BACK. 13. Old Spall. Rd - Mara Lake O&B 8K Two loops with great views. From Celista School ride 2km east on SquilaxAnglemont Rd. Turn left/up Beguelin Rd past Celista Estate Winery. LOOP 1 : Left on Line 17 Rd (packed gravel with a short paved section back down to Celista), 10.5km. LOOP 2: Right on Line 17 Rd (paved with sections of packed gravel) to Magna Bay Wharf Rd. /Community Park, then west and back along Squilax-Anglemont Rd to Celista School, 10.5KM. TWO BEGUELIN RD CLIMBS TOTAL 3KM AT AVG. 8%. North on Squilax-Anglemont Rd 2.8km, left on Holding Rd. following Adams River, Adams Lake with views of the river. Historic Flume Trail. Store at south end of lake. Turn around Industral Site sign at 13km. West on Little Shuswap Lake Road to end of pavement. Quaaout Resort, Talking Rock Golf Course, Band Office, dry pine forest. Watch for beach access on Little Shuswap Lake and bat houses at former church site. Watch for beach access points. Dry Douglas-fir, Ponderosa Pine forest changes to moist Cedar-Hemlock, White Pine, Larch forest along route. See route details (over). Lake country, farms, White Creek Valley views, Balmoral Store, Sorrento, historic Notch Hill Church, school house & hall. See route details (over). A 600M CLIMB AT 6.7% FROM THE UNDER-HIGHWAY TUNNEL. AVG. 3% CLIMB FOR 4.3KM TO WHITE LAKE BENCH. Hybrid/road bikes. North on Tappen Valley Rd past Carlin Rd at 5km to start of packed gravel at 6.7km on Tappen Notch Hill Rd. 4km of gravel to Notch Hill Rd junction. Right turn to Balmoral. Avoid hwy. via White Creek Frontage Rd 3.7km to Carlin Rd. Up Carlin Rd 1.2km & left on Tappen Notch Hill Rd left at 20.9km; right at 24.2km on Tappen Valley Rd to parking. Farm, valley and lake views. TWO HILLS FOR 1.5KM AVG. 6%. From parking, cycle east on White Lake & Broderick Frontage roads. Follow Trans Canada Hwy. thru three tunnels; turn north on White Lake Rd, 4.3km to White Lake Bench. Back to Balmoral, 20km via tunnel to parking. Follow-up with a 13km O&B tour to Notch Hill Community Hall and picnic shelter. AVG. 3% CLIMB FOR 4.3KM TO WHITE LAKE. A 3.8km climb, average 6.5% through grasslands leading to Chase Creek Turtle Valley ranches. 21km south (pavement ends for 6.4km). Pillar Lake, Joyce Lake and Estekwalan Mountain views. Falkland at 43km. Head east on Hwy. 97 for 17km to Salmon Valley Rd. Turn left at the junction and head north 34km to Salmon Arm. (Silver Creek Store at 77.5km). Follows historic pre-1886 CPR Railway Tote Road past fertile valley farms and forest. See route details and parking (over). EASY Lake P E3 Hyde Mountain Golf Course 10 LOOP 84K Park P Blackburn D4 11 15. Salmon Arm - Salmon Valley O&B 35K Park P Blackburn D4 11 16. Salmon Valley - Glenemma Park P Blackburn D4 O&B 64K 11 17. Salmon Valley - Yankee Flats From Sicamous drive cross the Trans Canada Highway bridge west of town. Turn left/south on Old Spallumcheen Rd. Park at Hyde Mtn Golf Course. Cycle north to Highway 1 and back to golf course. East on Highway 1 from Salmon Arm to Sicamous. Turn right after the bridge on Gill, left on Finlayson past grocery store, museum and Visitor Centre. Right on Paradise Ave. merge onto Hwy. 97A south to Grindrod. At 55km turn right/west on Riverside Rd for 5km past Mara along Shuswap River then back on Hwy. 97A west of Grindrod bridge 1.3km, then right at 63.7km on Grandview Bench Rd. Climb 4.8km to hill top and down to Hwy. 97B. turn right/north back to Salmon Arm. Avoid Hwy 1/ Hwy 97A in summer tourist season or ride route early morning. ONE AVG. 6.6% CLIMB FOR 4.8KM. From Salmon Arm follow Foothill Rd. southwest to Salmon River Rd. and out to Silver Creek Store (turn around). See route details (over) for Salmon Arm - Yankee Flats Route #17. Map & elevation profile at BikeFor Same as above (35km route #15) but cycle further south to Glenemma junction along the Salmon River and return. Farms, ranches, winery. 63K Salmon River, farms, 1998 Silver Creek Fire, valley views from Yankee Flats Bench, Silver Creek Store. See route details (over). ONE 1.9KM CLIMB AT AVG. 7%; ONE 3.5KM CLIMB AT AVG. 3% (SOUTH BOUND). LOOP 74K Same as above Route #16 to Glenemma then left/east on Heywood Armstrong Rd. 10.3km to left/north turn at Salmon River/Knob Hill Rd. junction. Watch here for local asparagus (May). Pass Hullcar Hall and continue north on Deep Creek Rd. past School House Rd to Hwy. 97B. Left back to Salmon Arm. Watch for Deep Creek Tool Museum. ONE 7% HILL FOR 800M SOUTHBOUND. 11 Park P Blackburn D4 11 19. Salmon Arm - 100km Century Ride DIRECTIONS & HIGHLIGHTS LOOP Park P Blackburn D4 18. Around Mt. Ida: Salmon Valley - Deep Creek RATING LOOP 100K P D4 Blackburn Park See route details/map (over). Local info. at Salmon Arm or Enderby Visitor Centres. Route follows four scenic valleys. For more details visit FOUR +5% CLIMBS TOTALLING 8.5 TO 9KM. LOOP 20K Arm Fieldhouse, P Salmon 30th Ave. SE 11E D4 21. Shuswap River - Mara Rosemond Lake P 12 O&B 17K Junction of Riverside Rd. and Highway 97A. E4 22. Deep Creek O&B 29.4K well away from mailboxes P Park at Hwy. 97B/Deep Crk Rd. junction. 13 D5 23. Grindrod Flats Old Sicamous Rd. P 15A Grindrod Recreation Park west side of Grindrod Bridge. E4 24. Gardom Lake -Enderby Cliffs View TYPE KM LOOP 18K Left on Mallory Rd, 3.5km left turn on Musgrave Rd, north/right on Park Rd . Gardom Lake Reg. Park on right. North to Gardom Lake Rd 250m. Right on Gardom Lake Rd to Crossman, up Saltwell and Glenmary Roads to Enderby Cliffs view. Back via Gardom Lake Rd and Mallory Rd. LOOP 47K Cycle 5km up and across Grandview Bench and descend 5km to Hwy. 97A for 1.5km across the bridge. Right on to Enderby-Grindrod Rd, 9km south to bridge into Enderby. South on Vernon St. to right on Fortune Rd. 100 m to Hwy. 97A. Left/south 300m to right on Canyon Rd up 7.5km to Hullcar Hall via Hullcar Rd (right turn). Follow Deep Creek Rd and Highway 97B back. EGLI’S MILL HILL 700M @ 5.7% + 400M @ 5.5%; CANYON RD HILL 3KM @ 4.5%. LOOP 17K Same route as Route #25 above but at the bottom of the hill on Hwy. 97 turn right and ride south 2K to Springbend Rd. Climb Springbend Rd to Hwy. 97B and return. EGLI’S MILL HILL 700M @ 5.7% + 400M @ 5.5%; SPRINGBEND HILL 2.3KM @ 6%. O&B 59K South on Enderby-Grindrod Rd. to Enderby. South on Vernon St, left on Back Enderby Rd. left on Mountain View Rd, left on Heighton Rd , right on McLeod Rd. to Hwy. 97A. 1.4km on hwy. to Armstrong then cycle back via Schubert Rd, Hullcar Rd, Canyon Rd to Enderby and Enderby-Grindrod Rd. SCHUBERT HILLS 300m @ 7% + 300M @ 9%. O&B 18K 70K Shuswap River Valley and farm views. From parking, Ashton Creek Store 9km, Mabel Lake 35km. Ride past Isobel Falls, Kingfisher Hall, Shuswap River access at Cook Creek for swimming. Campsites. Rivermouth Marina Store on the lake. Follows Enderby-Mabel Lake Rd. TWO HILLS: EASTBOUND 700M @ 6.3%; WESTBOUND 800M@8.8%. LOOP 25K or 55K Enjoy the cafés, museum and Visitor Centre, Saturday morning Farmers’ Market, and a cheese shop. Schubert Rd. is the most gradual of the three climbs back to Hullcar from Armstrong. SCHUBERT ROAD HILLS: 300M@7% + 300M @ 9%. LOOP 38K Great valley views from Mountain Vew Rd and Back Enderby Rd. CANYON ROAD HILL 3KM @ AVG. 4.5%. LOOP 31K Farm and valley views. Enderby cafés, museum and Visitor Centre. CANYON ROAD HILL 3KM @ AVG. 4.5%. LOOP 37K Farm and valley views. Enjoy Armstrong Visitor Centre, museum, cafés, Farmers’ Market, cheese shop and bakeries. SCHUBERT ROAD HILLS: 300M@7% + 300M @ 9%. LOOP 33K Farms, lake and valley views south to Okanagan Lake. GRANDVIEW FLATS HILL 600M @ 8%. LOOP 24K Historic School House on Pleasant Valley Rd., Tolko Saw Mill, Roger’s Grain Mill on Larkin Rd. LOOP 100K Route follows four scenic valleys. Print off the Route map at: HILLS: SALMON RIVER RD 1.9KM @ 4.6%; OKANAGAN AVE 800M @ 7% + 1.2KM @ 8.2% well away from mailboxes P Park at Hwy. 97B/Deep Crk Rd. junction. 13 D5 25. Grandview Bench Shuswap River - Deep Creek of Hwy. 97B and P Junction Grandview Bench Rd. 14 D4 26. Grandview Bench Springbend Road of Hwy. 97B and P Junction Grandview Bench Rd. 14 D4 27. Grindrod - Armstrong Hullcar side of Grindrod Bridge P East SE Pullout 15 E5 28. Enderby - Shuswap River Mabel Lake Visitor Centre P Enderby E5 16 29. Hullcar - Lansdowne -Sleepy Hollow - Armstrong -Schubert 97B/Deep Hall P Hullcar P Hwy. Crk Rd. junction. D6 17 13 D5 30. Hullcar - Mtn View - Canyon Hall P Hullcar D6 RATING CHALLENGING DIRECTIONS & HIGHLIGHTS 17 11 20. Salmon Arm In-Town Orchards & Lake Views ROUTE / PARKING MODERATE LOOP 13K South 550M on 30 St. SE; left on 10 Ave. SE, 2.45km east across Hwy 97, left on 60 St. SE, 2.42km north on 60 St, 2.45km west across Hwy 97, right on 30 St. NE, 2.42km north, right on 50 Ave. NE, left on 35 St. NE, right on 60 Ave. NE, 1.67km west to sharp left on to Lakeshore Rd. and down hill. 3.43km south above the bay, left on 20 Ave NE & first right on 20 St NE. 740M south to 4-way stop. Left on 11 Ave NE, left thru pedestrian tunnel. Left/up 70M to right (by Toyota) on 22 St NE, left on 8 Ave NE, right on 24 Ave NE past Rec. Centre back to 30 St. SE, right back to the Field House. Follow Riverside Rd to bridge at Mara, over to Rosemond Lake Rd. and north to the end. Add a side trip to end of Riverside Rd, past church (junctions w/ Hwy 97A). Farms, Shuswap River bridge at Mara, historic church, wildlife along river and lake. South on Deep Creek Rd. 4.1km to School House Rd. & 14.7km to Deep Creek Hall, farms and forest views. Some rough pavement sections mixed with good sections. Turn back at Hullcar Hall at south end. From the park ride Hwy. 97 for 1.1km west to Grandview Bench Rd (right). 440M turn right onto Old Sicamous Rd and follow past Carlin Orchards, Dangle and Pollock Roads. Right on Meadowview, left on Riverbend to the end of the road near the Shuswap River. Back via Grindrod Westside Rd. 31. Hullcar - McLeery Stepney Cross - Canyon Hall P Hullcar D6 17 32. Hullcar - Armstrong- Schubert P D6 Hullcar Hall 17 33. Otter Lake - Grandview Flats P D6 Armstrong Visitor Centre 18 34. Pleasant Valley - Larkin Otter Lake Visitor Centre P Armstrong D6 18 35. Armstrong Century P D6 Armstrong Visitor Centre 18 SEE ROUTE DETAILS (over). O&B 3.4 km P14 Grandview Bench Rd. 50°38’27.65”N P10 Hybrid bikes! Pavement end at 6.7km then packed gravel. Watch for Skimikin Forest Tree Nursery & Seed Orchard, Skimikin, Fleming, Phillips, and Chum Lakes, turtle crossings, and valley ranches. ONE AVG. 6.4% HILL FOR 1.3KM. 7 Shuttle drop-off on TCH, 2.1km west of Petro-Canada station at Shuswap-Chase Creek Rd. A3 Hwy 97 Junction 50°52’52.80”N 119°22’38.06”W 50K Ridge Winery P Recline C3 11. Around the Fly Hills 50˚30’1.82”N 119°33’30.50”W SE side pullout From Tappen Co-op: Herald Prov. Park/Margaret Falls trail 11.5km, end of pavement 17.7km, Canoe Point farms 21.6km (4km gravel road). Shuswap Lake views, winery and beaches. See route details over. ONE AVG. 6.4% HILL FOR 1.3KM BEYOND HERALD PARK. 7 10. Balmoral - White Lake 50°37’37.38”N 119°11’24.94”W 50°50’27.64”N Paws in Motion Dog Park 118°58’26.64”W 23K 36K 43K Ridge Winery P Recline C3 9. Tappen Valley - Notch Hill P13 Deep Creek - 14. Around Larch Hills LOOP Celista School 3. Squilax - Adams Lake 50°47’15.62”N 119°42’30.25”W P9 1 2. Celista Bench Loops 50°39’24.67”N 119°4’33.36”W 50˚52’20.54”N 119°35’10.06”W SHUSWAP - NORTH OKANAGAN ROUTE / PARKING Falkland P12 Riverside Rd. Highway 97A Junction Grandview Flats Rd McLeery Rd Armstrong 97 5.8 km d P Pleasant Valley Rd Heart Lake Madeline Lake 50°48’5.33”N 119°22’8.53”W Schubert Rd P3 West of Chase off Hwy. 1 Enderby-Mabel Lake Rd Shuswap River d rR Rd 2.7 km ne R Sle Hol epy low Rd Otter Lake Cross Rd Celista School P8 South P 26 km Fortune Rd dow Salmon River Rd 16.5 km 50˚954’38.05”N 119˚21’6.08”W Lorenzo’s Café Rashdale Rd 5.6 km Pinaus Lake P2 5 16 97A Lan s 14.3 km R. Haig-Brown Park Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park 9.0 km Stepney Cross Rd llca g Armstron Heywood- Salmver Rd Ri 2.1 km P8 North 9.2 km 7.9 km Hu Glenemma on 50˚54’3.38”N 119˚34’6.87”W 97A 4.2 km 3.5 km Hallam Rd 10.3 km To Kamloops & Vancouver P1 15 r Rd Hullca Rd Ranch Café 97 P7 To Mabel Lake 5.0 km 3.6 km H Salmon River Recline Ridge Winery Grindrod Pub Back Enderby Rd ar ullc 8S PARKING COORDINATES P 15A 2.6 km 17 14.0 km Yankee Flats P P YANKEE FLATS Falkland d Hungry Jack’s Lansdowne Rd Bolean Lake 5.1 km Grindrod P bend R Enderby 10.4 km Salmon River Rd 13.9 km Arthur Lake Spring Gardom Lake P 12 Ashton Creek Spa Lake Rd d Gardom Lk Rd Knob Hill Rd Cree k P d an R Mile 4.9 km 13 Schoolhouse Rd Salmon River Friday evenings, 10AM to 2PM, May - September, downtown Chase. iew Be ry R llo Ma nch Rd Grandv 14 Silver Creek Six Riverbend Rd ide R P MT. IDA CHASE Pillar Lake 5.1 km The Columbia Shuswap Regional District assumes no responsibility for the safety of any persons, animals or equipment when using the routes as listed in this guide. Edgar Rd Timms Rd 4 Use at your own risk. Mara 7.2 km Black Rd sm Cros Pillar Lake Provincial Park Shuswap River Auto Rd Enderby-Grindrod Rd Sundays, 10AM to 2PM May Long-weekend to Labour Day Weekend. Home Hardware Parking Lot. SQUILAX For more places to stay and eat in the Shuswap check out Wallensteen Lake SCOTCH CREEK 6.4 km Riverside Rd FLY HILLS Salmon River Rd Cedar Grove Nature Retreat 250-835-8385 hil Rosemond Lk Rd Larch Hills Rd 97B 11E HUNTER’S RANGE Rosemond Lake Meadowview Rd Old Sicamous Rd Saturday mornings, late April to mid-September, 10AM to 2PM at the Blind Bay Market Place. Gravel is packed and smooth enough for safe road biking. WHITE LAKE P 11 l Rd Larch Hills Recreation Area South Canoe 16.6 km BLIND BAY (Owl’s Head) Mara Lake Prov. Park Back Enderby Rd Artist House Heritage B&B 1-877-602-3537 LARCH HILLS 10th St P t Foo Saturday mornings at the Sorrento Shoppers Plaza (TCH and Notch Hill Rd.) 8AM to 12 NOON, second Saturday in May to Thanksgiving. SICAMOUS HI-Shuswap Lake (Hostel) 250-675-2977 Blue Canoe Shuswap Pie Co. The Barley Station Brew Pub 23.6 km 10.0 km 20th St Okanagan Ave “All Organic Market” Wednesday afternoons at Askew’s Uptown ( 2701 11th Ave NE, Salmon Arm). 3PM to 5:30PM late April to late October. MARA MTN Rosemond Lake Sandhill Cranes, Wilson’s Snipe, Spotted Sandpipers 97A 30th Ave Tuesday and Friday mornings at Centenoka Park Mall Parking Lot, (5 Street SW). 8AM to 12:30PM, late April to late October. The Inn at the Ninth Hole 250-833-0185 3 Swansea Point Canoe Salmon Arm SALMON ARM SALMON ARM 17.7 km Deep Creek Rd A Rover’s Rest B&B 1-866-768-3722 Mara Lake Gleneden Saturday mornings at the IPE Fairgrounds (Pleasant Valley Rd., and Park Drive). 8AM to 12 NOON last week of April to mid-November. BLIND BAY 22.1 km Sunnybrae Engineer’s Point FLY HILLS ARMSTRONG Cycle Friendly B&B’s Moose Mulligan’s Bahama John’s 10 Annis Bay Herald Provincial Park Sunnybrae Park Sicamous Birding Hot Spot: Friday mornings parking lot behind City Hall just off Hwy. 97A. Mid-April to late October, 8AM to 1PM. 14.7 km no a rae-C yb Sunn Salmon Arm ENDERBY To Kamloops & Vancouver P t Rd e Poin MT. BASTION Tappen Bay MT. TAPPEN 3.1 km 3.9 km Margaret Falls Skimikin Lake 8N 5 Underpass 9 Margaret Falls Trail American Dipper along creek, Winter Wrens nesting in moss. Wes ts P Skimikin 2 P Birding Hot Spot: P Tappen Valley Rd P To Revelstoke, Golden & Calgary 13.3 km Carlin Carlin Rd 7 TURTLE VALLEY White Lake Broderick Creek Frontage Rd. Hill Rd Sprokkets Café MT. HILLIAM o Underpass Balmoral 5A Turtle Valley Wilson’s Snipe, Common Loon, Marsh Wrens, Red-winged Blackbirds White Lake Frontage Rd. d aR lsqu Tillis Landing Stepney Rd 7.5 km Rd 2.2 km d R kin mi Ski Craig’s Bakery Hill 5.5 km Birding Hot Spot: Chum Lake 8.0 km 3.3 km White Lake Provincial Park White Lake b Cam se Chase 6.3 km Not ch NOTCH HILL ie-S NORTH 6.5 km 3.0 km Hill Little Shuswap Lake 6.9 km Sicamous Waterfront Park: Located within walking distance of the Sicamous Visitor Info Centre. Park drod P Blind Bay Davies Rd Aylmer Lake 6.5 km Little White Lake 4 7.8 km Blind Bay Rd Yard Creek Provincial Park: Located 15 km east of Sicamous on Hwy 1. ou wa hus le S Litt Rd Eagle Bay Rd Eagle River P Shuswap Lake 2.8 km Bailey Rd Skmana Lake ake pL Shuswap Lake Prov. Park Reedman Rocky Point Pt Road Park Copper Island Blind Bay Malakwa Suspension Bridge: Located 17 km (10.5 miles) east of Sicamous on Hwy 1. Eagle Bay Shannon Beach Eagle Bay Rd Whit e Lak e Rd Banshee Lake Indigo Bay Tappen - Notch Hill Rd 2 km Jack Sam’s Eco Treats Lee Creek Rd Rd Eagle Bay 27 km East Shuswap Points of Interest: Wild Rose Bay Blake Pt. 12.8 km 1 Chase-Falkland Rd Cycle Tours ing Squilax-Anglemont Rd Ho ld Wild Rose Bay Wild Rose Bay Park Po we rh P Adams River 1 Cinnemousun Provincial Park Fraser Bay 2 Scotch Squ Creek 7.6 km top 12.9 km 6.1 km P Rd ont em gl -An ilax Roderick Haig-Brown Park - Bald Eagles, Kinglet, Pileated and Downy Woodpeckers Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park 10.2 km em ngl x-A ila Squ 8.2 km Magna Bay QUEEST MTN. Rd 6.4 km ont Grin 6 Line 17 Rd Mallory Rd 4 Scotch Creek St. Ives Anglemont Magna Bay Beguelin Scale: 1:145,000 2 F To Seymour Arm Shuswap - North Okanagan Paved BACK Roads Adams Lake 0 E 30th Ave A

Shuswap • North Okanagan Cycle Touring Guide

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