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ith the uniforms hung, the hatboxes closed, and outside practices ended, the band’s marching season is now over except for tonight’s last football game. The band had been preparing for the UIL marching competition since the end of July at summer band and ended two weeks ago when they didn’t advance to area finals. “I thought we would make it to finals, but you can’t win them all. I was disappointed, mad and sad all at the same time,” sophomore drum major Rebecca Garza said. Some members of the band said they would have done some things differently if they had gotten another chance. They just weren’t ready to quit marching. “I would have made the band work a little harder. There are always things we could have done differently, but I think it’s all about taking the good with the bad. I now have a goal set for the future of the band-to win the Sweepstakes award,” Garza said. But they also did other things in the name of preparation. “In preparation for UIL, I memorized the music and drill, and the drum line worked together. A week before region and area contests, some dedicated band members came and practiced every morning at 7:15 before school. All the preparation helped the band for sure. The more practice we did the better we got,” senior Miles Locke said. W FOLLOWING ORDERS Junior head drum major Chelsea Derrick leads the band at the area preliminary competition. The band competed in the area marching contest on Oct. 24. “It was nerve racking having to stand on the podium and direct. It was a lot of pressure knowing that the band relied on me to start off correctly or else everything could possibly fall apart. All in all, it was a great experience being able to direct at the area preliminary competition,” Derrick said. (Photo by Laura Kubena) However for some people advancing to state was a lifelong dream that fell short. “Eight years ago when the band advanced to state, I knew that was one thing I wanted to do when I got into high school. Two years ago when we barely missed state, my goal was to make it my senior year. I knew that this was the last chance I would have so I worked hard at every practice,” Locke said. “As they year progress, I realized that we weren’t the best band, but we could still be successful with what we had. I was skeptical that we would even make it to area. When we did, I knew we probably couldn’t make state, but at least we could make the finals. When I found out we didn’t, I was disappointed but not heartbroken. I was proud of how far we got with what we had. Of course we could have gone farther, but we did our best and just came up a little short,” Locke said. Senior Miles Locke is not the only one who felt that the band fell short. “We are cursed. This year and two years ago we missed going to state by one. We always end up just missing our band competitions by one,” junior Corrinne Mica said. “It was really disappointing to have gotten so close. I think we had the ability to advance if we just would have worked harder. It was up to every individual band member to work hard to help us reach our full potential. If we would have done just that, I think we could have broken the band curse.”

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