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Bradford’s Weekly Newpaper Magazine Bradford Journal VOL. 171 NO. 3 BRADFORD JOURNAL/MINER THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2012 $1.00 Bradford Journal/McKean County Miner/Mount Jewett Echo Phone 814-465-3468 A Visit To School Street Elementary School Reading Assignments Bradford Journal Photo From the left, clockwise around are Max Barrett, Amber O’Hara, John Kennedy, and Kallie Walker, fifth grade students in Mrs. Baldwin’s class at School Street Elementary School. They were learning about working with decimal numbers when we stopped in for a visit to their classroom, January 13th, and they mentioned that they liked math- that it was fun. Bradford Journal Photo We stopped in at Mrs. Kellam’s computer room at the School Street Elementary School, January 13th where we found fourth grade students working on computer assisted reading. Here, Colten Nichols looks away from his work for a minute to tell us that he likes doing his reading assignments on the computer, and that it’s fun. Students In Mrs. Dittman’s Enrichment Class INDEX Bradford Journal Photo These third grade students comprise a book club in Mrs. Dittman’s enrichment class at School Street Elementary School. Here, just before they leave for their last period of the day, January 13th, students pose for us. Left to right are Mitchell Signor, Conner Maze, Gavin Dach, Ally Luke, Paige Rounsville, Emily Bosworth, Madison Hartman, and Anastacia Deitz Local News/Weather 2 Comments & Opinions 3 Obituaries 4 Social News 6 Food/Recipes 9 Comics 13 Classifieds 15 Senior Information Page 16 Bradford Journal P.O. Box, Bradford, PA 16701 Phone: 814-465-3468

Bradford Journal Issue Jan. 19, 2012

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