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HIS PA N I C STU D IE S 2012/ 20 1 3 M E D I EVA L Music and Meaning in Old Hispanic Lenten Chants Psalmi, threni and the Easter Vigil Canticles EMMA HORNB Y & RE BEC C A MA LOY Although Old Hispanic liturgical chant has long been considered one of the most important medieval chant traditions, its musical notation shows only where the melodies rise and fall, not precise intervals or pitches, and this lack of pitch-readable notation has prevented scholars from fully engaging with the surviving sources. Focussing on three genres of chant sung during the Old Hispanic Lent (the threni, psalmi, and Easter Vigil canticles), this book takes a holistic view of the texts and melodies, setting them in the context of their liturgical and intellectual surroundings. It concludes that the theologically purposeful text selections combine with carefully shaped melodies to guide the devotional practice of their hearers. $130.00/£75.00(s), May 2013 978 1 84383 814 2 14 b/w illus.; 564pp, 24.4 x 17.2cm, HB Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music Medieval Hispanic Studies in Memory of Alan Deyermond Edited by ANDREW M. BER ESF OR D, LOU I SE M. HAY WO OD & J U LIAN WEI SS This is a volume of essays in memory of Professor Alan Deyermond, one of the leading British Hispanists of the last fifty years. The contributors are some of Professor Deyermond’s former colleagues, doctoral students, and members of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar. The essays cover lyric, hagiography, clerical verse narrative, frontier balladry, historical and codicological studies, and include the draft of an unpublished essay found amongst Professor Deyermond’s papers. $99.00/£60.00(s), March 2013 978 1 85566 250 6 264pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías The Fabric of Marian Devotion in Isabel de Villena’s Vita Christi E A R LY M O D E R N L ESL EY K . T WOM EY Isabel de Villena (1430-1490) is one of the most fascinating women of the Spanish middle ages. Related to the royal family, she became abbess of the Poor Clare convent, the Santa Trinitat, in Valencia in 1462, a position she held until her death in 1490. Her treatise on the religious life, Vita Christi, was the first book by a woman to be printed in the kingdom of Aragon. This is the first full-length survey in English of Isabel’s life and literary works. The author pays particular attention to the way in which devotion to the Virgin Mary is manifested and described through material culture, on her rich fabrics, brocades, silks, shoes, and crown. This reflects the status of Valencia as a centre for trade and producer of silks and velvets at the time. $90.00/£50.00(s), February 2013 978 1 85566 248 3 34 b/w illus.; 256pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías The Poetry of Alfonso X An Annotated Critical Bibliography (1278-2010) Cultural Capital, Language and National Identity in Imperial Spain LU C IA BI NOT T I This study examines the cultural mechanisms in early modern Spain that led to the translation, imitation and selective adoption of the values embodied by the Italian Renaissance. The author outlines the sixteenth-century process of the creation of an expressive poetic language and the quest for literary models, while also tracing innovative methods of historical and scientific analysis in the early seventeenth-century. $95.00/£55.00(s), November 2012 978 1 85566 245 2 9 b/w illus.; 214pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías A JOSEPH T. SNOW This expanded version of a 1977 annotated bibliography on the poetry of King Alfonso X of Spain (12211284) contains five times as many entries and covers the poetry, the art and the music of the Cantigas de Santa Maria as well as the king’s lesser-known profane poetry. www $115.00/£65.00(s), June 2012 978 1 85566 239 1, eISBN 978 1 84615 961 9 466pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, PB Research Bibliographies and Checklists: new series Visit our website at Music And Ceremony At The Court Of Charles V The Capilla Flamenca and the Art of Political Promotion M ARY T I FFAN Y FE RE R The presentation of Charles V as universal monarch, defender of the faith, magnanimous peacemaker, and reborn Roman Emperor became the mission of artists, poets, and chroniclers, who shaped contemporary perceptions of him and engaged in his political promotion. Music was equally essential to the making of his image, as this book shows. It reconstructs musical life at his court, by examining the compositions which emanated from it, the ordinances prescribing its rituals and ceremonies, and his prestigious chapel, which reflected his power and influence. $99.00/£60.00(s), March 2012 978 1 84383 699 5 4 b/w illus.; 320pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music

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