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A Summary of Benefits Nike’s benefits program is designed to address some big issues in employee’s work lives: medical coverage, retirement, time off and others. Our benefits are a key part of total compensation at Nike and our benefits program is well ahead of those at many competitor companies. Moreover, our program provides strong value, with employee rates well below those of other companies. Here’s a summary of these great benefits. For more information, visit the Nike Benefits website on Zero: click “Human Resources”, then “Benefits”. Benefits Eligibility All full-time employees are eligible. You are a full-time employee if you work 30 or more hours per week. Part-time employees who are scheduled to work between 20 & 29.99 hours per week are eligible to enroll in medical, dental, and/or vision following their one-year anniversary. However, part-time employees do not receive subsidy toward the cost of their health benefits and therefore pay the full price of the benefit cost. Programs listed in this document that are available to part-time employees are marked with an asterisk (*). Medical Coverage 1. Basic Coverage Plan – This option allows you to obtain medical care from any eligible doctor or hospital. You meet a deductible each calendar year (the first $1,000 of covered medical expenses) and then the plan generally pays 80% of the rest of your eligible expenses. 2. Preferred Provider Plan – This plan gives you the flexibility to choose your provider (either in-network or out-of-network). Note: All medical plans include coverage for: – – – Prescription drugs Mental health/substance abuse 24 hour phone and internet accessto healthcare professionals (Nurseline) Dental Coverage 1. Preventive Plan – You receive coverage for preventive and some diagnostic care only. 2. Preventive Plus Plan – You receive broad coverage for many dental services. Vision Coverage 1. Vision Service Plan – Vision exams are paid in full once every calendar year. Glasses (frames and/or lenses) and Contact Lenses are also covered under the plan.

Nike Benefits Summary

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