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Roller derby is a tough, se xy and stylish contact sport that is taking the wo rld by storm. The revival of this fast-paced female-dominated game has seen over 1,000 leagues established internationally since it be gan in 2001. How many other sports can you name that feature players decked out in fishnet tights and miniskirts, gold hotpants and war paint as well as a showcase of tattoos? FLAT TRACK FASH ION is the very first book to feature stunning fashion photographs documenting the visual fea st of fiesty fashions from leagues all over the world and capture the spirit and style of the roller derby revival. r derby the popular rolle of or th au e th is She Ellen Parnavelas llergirl.wordpre ro ie ok ro fa yo ar ue and her blog secretdi ecreational Leag R ls ir rg le ol R worked plays for London onth. Ellen has m a s er ew vi 0 er 3,00 currently blog attracts ov ral years and is ve se r fo ng hi is itical bl has an MA in Cr in illustrated pu e Sh s. le tit n io r of fash ticles have editing a numbe ssex and her ar Su of ity rs ve ni U azine Theory from the and lifestyle mag ic us m in d he publis Line. previously been magazine Inside y rb de r lle ro K U Big Cheese and THE ROLLER DERBY LOOK BOOK Complete with Foreword written by veteran skater Virginia ‘Cheap Trixie ’ Evans of the Texas Rollergirls, this book includ es everything from the history and origin of the sport to uniforms and logos, personal styles and fashions from leagues around the world , protective gear and skates to menswear, refere es, make up and tattoos. FLAT TRACK FASH ION is an exceptional publication, perfectly timed to capture the revival of the world’s hottest sport . ELLEN PARNAVELAS ISBN 978-1-4081-5501-1 9 Flat Track Fashion_CVR+Flaps.indd 1 £19.99 90100 781408 155011 31/08/2011 11:39

Flat Track Fashion

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