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Newsletter The Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Creating a More User Friendly Church Administration The Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral has recently redefined its finance ministry by establishing a Finance Committee in an effort to offer a user friendly church administration. The Finance Committee has styled itself a Customer Service department whose primary mission is to serve the congregation in the spirit of love and devotion. We believe that we are at our Christian best when we are serving others. From the Desk New Business Office Hours of the Pastor The world in which we live is constantly changing and the church is faced with the challenges of operating in a professional manner, without sacrificing its core spiritual beliefs and values. Hollywood is blessed with many talented individuals, some of whom are being introduced to you in this newsletter, along with several innovative ideas that is helping us to do finance ministry in a timely and effective manner. The Hollywood Full Gospel Cathedral is happy to announce the opening of its brand new business office. The business office will be available Monday – Friday from 10 am to 4 pm to receive donations, provide reports and transact all other business related to the church and its ministry. Please contact Sister Elsie Reavis at 631-842-7091 for more information.

Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral Newsletter

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