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ISBN 978-90-6369-271-1 Reading Letters is a book about typeface legibility. In our everyday life’s we constantly encounter a diversity of reading matters, these being display types on traffic signage, printed text in novels, newspaper headlines, or ones own writing on a computer screen. All these conditions demand different considerations of the typefaces applied. In a straightforward manner, the book discusses these aspects by drawing on typography history, designers’ ideas, and by reviewing available scientific data concerning the process of reading. Sofie Beier is a type designer, researcher and lecturer employed at the School of Design under Sofie Beier Easily accessible, and heavily illustrated, this is a most have for any designer looking for guidance when choosing a typeface for a given project. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London, on the subject of typeface familiarity and its relation to legibility. bis designing for legibility Sofie Beier

Reading Letters

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