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Committing to your

Commitment WRITTEN BY: Monique


PHOTO BY: Derek Heisler Photography

The Commitment Every New Year, millions of people around the world set new goals for themselves. They purchase gym memberships, gym bags and new gym attire. January is the start of a year-long commitment to changing the way they live. The unfortunate thing is that few New Year’s resolutions regarding getting into shape are ever actually met. In fact, most are completely given up by mid-March.

The Passion Initially, it’s frustrating, as a steady gym goer to be in a jam-packed gym every January, fighting for the equipment settling for the stationary bike when you really want the treadmill. However, over time, it dampens my spirit that so many people start out with this incredible drive only to diminish so quickly. It brings me back to the days when I started training; I had no idea what I was doing, and more often than not, wanted to give up because no one was there to motivate me. Somehow, I found the drive within myself to keep the momentum going, and I wanted to inject this self-motivation to others. I watched the overweight middle-age person, battling their stubborn belly fat, and as the months go on, I silently cheered them on every day that I see them show up and execute their workout. I actually grew proud of them for showing up and doing what a lot of people cannot do. This is where I found my passion to helping people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

The Problem I have always been aware that we set incredibly high standards for ourselves. We live in a society where we want what we want, and we want it now. I believe a huge reason why weight loss products are a multi-million dollar industry is because people truly believe that there is a “magic” pill. Or that there is some secret to looking like the men and women on the covers of fitness magazines. When we don’t achieve these kinds of results in a compressed time frame, we become discouraged, and throw in the towel. Using every excuse in the book to convince ourselves, we just cannot accomplish this goal.

The Truth Truth is that meeting goals takes TIME, PATIENCE and HARD WORK. I have never met a fitness competitor who did not pour blood, sweat and tears into getting their physique stage ready-- and it is no different for anyone else. Dieting is not easy, but it is necessary. Training is time-consuming, and more often than not, painful, but it brings the results. I recently had a client who has lost a total of 100 pounds since starting her journey. She has worked so hard to get to where she envisions herself and still gets frustrated and discouraged, when she should be proud of her accomplishments. We discuss how next month can be different, and where she will commit a little more. There is no miraculous way to get into shape, it is truly all about taking those baby steps, and one baby step can lead to a thousand steps in the right direction. The end result will not be disappointing if you remain committed.



1.) Lie on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and with your arms extended above your head holding a medicine ball.


2.) As you crunch toward your knees, bring the ball over your head. Slowly lower back down to the floor barely touching your shoulder blades, and repeat the exercise.


FitnessX Magazine January 2012