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Creating a Form Open up Google Docs and Select “Create New Form” . Create your form with your questions. You can use any type of question in your form and the results will be emailed to the email address input by whoever fills out the form. An example form for this process is available at /DOzW8 . Please do not alter this spreadsheet but make your own copy. Tip: Forms and spreadsheet icons are different. Forms Spreadsheets Once you’ve created your questions, go back to your Google Docs list, find the form you just made and open the spreadsheet. You will see that your questions are already filled out in row 1. Creating the Script Click on the “Tools” dropdown menu and select “Script Editor”. This will open up the “Google Apps Script” window. Leave this page open and go to . This is the script that you need. Copy the entire page and go back to the “Google Apps Script” window. Delete all contents in this window and paste the script you just copied into the “Code” area. Click on the field at the top where you see the words “Untitled project” and give the project a name (ex. Mail script). Click the disc to save. 2011 - Bill Bass

Google Forms Email Script

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