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Introducing NEW Big Green Egg Grilling Tools Every EGG chef loves EGGcessories® … and we have hundreds of useful tools to enhance the Ultimate Cooking Experience®. The Big Green Egg is a complete outdoor cooking system, and these new and innovative Grilling Tools, along with the full line of Big Green Egg EGGcessories, ensure that you enjoy all the versatility a Big Green Egg has to offer … and they make great gifts for all occasions! Professional Grade, Stainless Steel Chef’s Flavor Injector Easily and conveniently add flavors and juiciness to any meat or poultry — baste and tenderize from the inside out! The 2.5 in / 6.5 cm needle with double-hole design provides even flow in two directions and allows you to precisely inject basting mixtures, marinades, melted butter or other liquid flavorings deep into roasts and poultry. High quality stainless-steel injector resists clogging and unscrews for easy washing. Item Code: SSMI / 114112 Fun and Easy Stuff-A-Burger® Press Easily prepare burgers with added ingredients on the inside and add a gourmet touch to your next cookout! Stuff burgers with everyone’s favorite ingredients — bleu cheese and sliced proscuitto, tomato and mozzarella, bacon and cheddar cheese — the combinations are endless! Fun and easy to use, this press is perfect for any ground meat such as beef, turkey or lamb — makes great stuffed veggie burgers too! Item Code: BGEBP / 114082 See more tools Ò

Big Green Egg Grilling Tools

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