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MARCH 2012 ISSUE 2  %H\RQG*RRG+HDOWK 1 70 +ROLVWLF0HGLFDO&OLQLF %HDXW\'D\6SD  That’s Why Stress Is Your Biggest Enemy News & Updates by Bojan Schianetz In order to understand the connection between your emotions and your body, you need a clear picture how your body reacts in situations that is threatening your survival and well-being. If you are in an emotionally challenging situation, instantly and without conscious planning, your entire being prepares to confront or escape from the danger. Blood rushes away from the surface of your skin, which is the reason why you tend to feel cold and clammy when emotionally distressed. Muscles tighten to provide a rigid armor against the external threat. As a consequence, breathing is restricted by the tense muscles and it becomes shallow and quick. Adrenaline flows as your body is in a state of alert. These reactions are part of a comprehensive stress response linking mind and body in absolute unity. Inside this issue: Article of the week: Thatʼs Why Stress Is Your Biggest Enemy Adventure into Parenthood Humour Corner It does not make any major difference to your body if you experience this stress as real, of if you imagine or remember the distressing situation or trauma. This means your body takes all threats Continued on Page 2............

BGH Newsletter March 2

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