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bergen100-brochure0813 10/29/13 10:28 AM Page 1 B 75. 77. A dual-domed observatory at the main campus offers evening viewings of celestial objects open to the public. In 2013, student athlete Shauntierah Douglas set a national record in the javelin. 78. 79. Only seven men and women have served as Bergen’s president. The Division of Continuing Education offers hundreds of courses for adults seeking certifications, career development or entertaining a hobby. 80. Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands (1280 Wall Street West in Lyndhurst) opened in 2008. 81. Led by 100 faculty members, 650 Bergen students completed more than 10,000 hours of community service in 2012. 82. 83. 84. The main campus sits nestled between three golf courses: Orchard Hills Golf Course, Paramus Golf & Country Club and Ridgewood Country Club. Five Bergen students claim Australia as home. The College’s horticulture program operates a greenhouse laboratory that enables the sale of plants for fundraisers. 76. R G E N C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E Since 1968, total degree enrollments number more than 560,000. 85. The College maintains articulation (transfer) agreements with 33 fouryear schools. 93. The main campus cafeteria composts most items – including food waste and utensils. 86. Since 2011, the mysterious “Mr. BCC” has answered every question and made every post on the College’s social media. 94. The Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre appeared in season three, episode three of “The Sopranos.” 87. The Office of Specialized Services assists students with disabilities achieve their goal of earning a degree. 95. A total of 179,442 credits were taken by students in fall 2012. 88. E Shortly after entering the National Football League, New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms taped a periodic television program at the College. 89. Eight percent of all credits taken at Bergen are completed exclusively online. 90. The Stryker Manufacturing Laboratory at main campus houses industry-standard milling and turning equipment to help train students. 91. 92. More than 33 percent of Bergen students are Hispanic. Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands includes a conference center available for area businesses. 96. The College enrolls more than 300 veterans under the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. 97. The main campus’ Child Development Center operates a state-of-the-art educational facility for children ages 30 months to six. 98. More than 6,600 students enrolled in adult education classes at the Philip J. Ciarco Jr. Learning Center in 2012. 99. Three governors, multiple senators and U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios have delivered the commencement keynote. 100. Almost 10 percent of Bergen students are older than 34. Bytes and Bits from Bergen’s Past, Present and Future H A C K E N S A C K | M E A D O W L A N D S | P A R A M U S

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