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Boyne City Gazette Winn er of Fo MPA Awar ur ds! “Be as a tower firmly set; Shakes not its top for anyevery blast “Success is having to worry about that blows.” — Dantemoney.” Alighieri damn thing in the world, except — johnny cash What’s inside this week’s Gazette? Boyne Business Expo taxpayers save pg 5 info throughout news from around cvx7pg 8 challenge PG. Lookfighter famiLiar?PG. pg 13 local 8 No. 125 3, IssueCounty 21 • Seek Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 the Citizens Serving topics of interest to allVolume of Charlevoix • No. 139 - Vol.Truth, 3 - Issue 35Serve • ‘Seekthe the Truth, Serve the•Citizens’ • Wednesday April 25, 2012 sEREniTy People’ s Essentials Choice Teckla Danielson, 15 and Christian Danielson, 8 along with four of their other siblings released Japanese paper lanterns in Boyne City to honor the one-year anniversary of the death of their mother, Denise Stockdill, who died of cancer in 2011. Benjamin gohs associate editor Elks snub Ramblers photo by cinda shumaker Boyne City Rambler Keegan Lablance, #33, defies gravity as he goes up for a photo by faulknor shot against Elkchris Rapids last Tuesday Jan. 10. Elk Rapids beat Boyne City 61-54. Citizens, business owners and community leaders gathered on Thursday Jan. 12, to discuss the overall goals they would like to see achieved over the next couple of years in Boyne City. Boyne City Manager Michael Cain opened the event with a rundown of the previous goal-setting session from a couple years ago and what type, if any, progress has been made on those goals. “I look around with what I see as balanced growth – it hasn’t all happened in one sector,” he said of the highest priority, which was job creation and retention. “Over- 26 students received awards at Boyne City all, with what’s going on with the High School’s economy, I think we 3rd did fairly well with that.” annual People’s Cain said a number of new busiChoice nesses haveAwards stayed, with several more businesses planning to open chris faulknor in the nearpublisher future. The Dilworth Hotel was a top priAt this event, students do ority andunique Cain said a lot of prognot know which teacher nominatress has been made, but there is ed them, why they have been much workoryet to be done. nominated. The Boyne Beach Club property, Each said, teacher givenminor the chance Cain hasisseen progto recognize one student, whether ress and so too has broadband acit be for academia, kindness, athcess. letics, or just being goodrenewed person. The DDA plan has abeen “Tonight, we honor oursaid, speand extended which,you, Cain cial guests, for making Boyne City helped set the tone for positive High School a better place. There »goaLs, pG. are many reasons why5 we, the staff, wish to honor and recognize you,” began a video produced by the school’s own visual imaging team. “Each one of you has made a difference in your own unique way. For some of you, we will compliance with the construcrecognize your accomplishments, tion code. Neither the Bureau of your ability to always do the right Construction Codes nor Charlevthing, your work ethic, your outoix County has the ability to enstanding efforts, your desire for force your contract with a builder education, your positive attitude. which is your agent.” For others, we honor your ability Fletcher said he has contacted nuto be a great role model, your sermerous state officials on the matvice to your community, the difter and has determined the matter ference you have made in the lives is not the responsibility of the of others, your perseverance to county. overcome challenges, your infecThe homeowner in question is tious smile, your growth and maDiane Gustin and she, for several turity, your positive impact on this years, has requested the county school, your outstanding efforts. intervene on the matter. Tonight is about you, and what “Coming from Irvin Poke he’s you have done to make Boyne saying it’s a civil matter between City High School a better place.” the contractor and the owner and I • “I enjoyed working with this would like to know … what is the young person in a variety of setultimate outcome of what Mrs. tings. This young person exhibGustin wants?” Fletcher said. its a friendly personality. I have “We, in our department, cannot watched this individual go above force someone to do anything. I and beyond to make others feel cannot handcuff a contractor and included. This young person has drag him down to the construcgained respect from peers, teachtion site and say ‘fix this’ and ‘do ers, staff, and community memthat.’” bers,” said Linda King, a secretary Fletcher said his predecessor perat Boyne City High courtesy School. photo formed a “very thorough” inspec“There are many words that can tion after Gustin filed a complaint Ty Wellman is pictured upside down as he pulls a trick. be used to describe this young person. Among these would be kerfuffle cont. pg5 Grant check Construction Rocket man comes home kerfuffle Elementary Homeowner claims checks out students county delinquent Benjamin gohs associate editor Boyne’s own extreme skier Ty WellConcern caused on duties; Building man will be back in Northern Michiby confusion over officials gan for a high-flying competition at say they’ve the end of this month. $1,700 grant fee done Wellman,their who haspart been skiing since Benjamin gohs associate editor megan wilson Charlevoix County Commissioners contributingdubious writer over a $1,700 check Students see the for light with grant-writMichigan history project. ing services One project Boyneidentified City Eldurementary School students ing the Jan.in11, Laura Houser’s classregular have been board working on is the meeting Lighthouse can Project. rest easy. Several of the “We’ve switched over to Michicommissiongan lighthouses so that the kids CHERiE BRoWE ers were taken might be able to go and see aback when the lighthouse they’ve written about,” said Houser.they discovered County Clerk Cherie The Charlevoix Lighthouse Project was Browe had been paid $1,700 for her based on a book entitled “Keep work on securing a nearly $48,000 the Lights Burning, Abbie” by remonumentation grant in late 2011, Peter and Connie Roop. but according to Charlevoix County The book is a story in which a Surveyor Lawrence Feindt, it was he young girl is entrusted the care who allocated the funding to Browe of istheallowed lighthouse her faas underwhile Michigan State ther is away at sea. law. Houserishas doing thisthat,” typehe “There no been question I did of project for 15 years. And, said in a telephone interview on Frialong the help parents day Jan.with 13. “She didn’tofeven know and Boyne CityonPublic Schools what was going with that particuart item.” teacher Marla Watson, it has lar beenmay a huge success. That explain Browe’s apparent confusion over why she was Houser said people frompaid thethe money whenalso questioned by the comcommunity help with missioners during the meeting. project. “As far asHellstrom I’m concerned, wasn’t “Bernie is anit elecusual and so I asked questions about trician and he talks to the kids it,” said Charlevoix County Comin the lighthouse project,” said missioner Shirlene Trippthe (R-District Houser. “He makes lights 1), following the meeting, inifor the houses and wireswho them tially questioned the check which inside.” was listed in the county agenda Lighthouses are chosen by the packet. “In Northern Michigan it just kids when theyhave formangroups seems like we awful and lot of pick them out from the embezzling going on – thebooks month suppliedI by Houser. why so many before, questioned “The kids form own pods, checks were goingtheir to Charter.” and I call them by their light-to She added, “I really didn’t mean house table name. We are a hang her (Browe) out to dry. very I have nautical classroom,” no doubt it themed will be straightened out.” »check, pG. 4 lighthouse cont. pg4 he wasBenjamin 11 years old,Gohs is excited to see his friends, family and compete at News Editor one of the hills where he spent so many hours practicing. Nelson Fletcher of the Charlevoix “We’re excited to Department be able to seeaphim County Building compete because we’re not able to proached the Charlevoix County travel all that much to watch him,” Personnel/Internal Government said Ty’s dadonJeff Wellman. April Committee Wednesday Those lookinga to support will be 18, regarding request byTy a Charable to spot him by the pink bandanlevoix County homeowner to inas he wears honor of mother tervene in a indispute shehisalleges who has been fighting stage-four between she and her contractor. breast cancer for several years. “I think this all boils down to a “I’ve only competed once at Gaycivil lord,matter,” but I didFletcher train a lotsaid. on the halfFletcher read a statement pipe at the Otsego Club,” Tyfrom said. Michigan Bureau Construc“I’m feeling a littleofconfident just tion Codes Irvin J. Poke because ofDirector the home-field advanaddressed to the homeowner in tage.” question the matter: “CharThe 2012onUSSA Revolution Tour levoix has provided you30 will beCounty in Gaylord from Jan. with a very thorough inspection report»wellman, … it is the responsibility pG. 9 of you and your builder to determine how your project is brought into Remembering the Generals Boyne Business Expo April 26 megan wilson contriButing writer The fourth annual Boyne Business Expo & Taste of Boyne is bigger than ever with 97 exhibitors featuring restaurants, breweries and assorted businesses from throughout the region. Last year’s event drew nearly 1,000 attendees and, with a dozen gourmet tasting booths, numerous interactive displays, games, prizes and drawings, organizers expect to well exceed those numbers. “This is probably one of the best things we do for our member businesses,” said Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jim Baumann. “If you’re in a business locally you don’t have a thousand people walking by your door photo by chris fauLknor every day … but this is a way for Christopher Fair (right) and Jeffre Kelts show off an old Horton Bay genbusinesses to show what they can do It’s still a couple months from spring training, but several locals shared their memories of summer softball and their time with the Horton Bay Generals. For many years the people of Horton Bay harbored those same thoughts as the Horton Bay Generals began preparation for their Men’s slow pitch softball season. “The people in Horton Bay just loved the team,” said former team member Henry “Beano” Archey. The Horton Bay Generals team was formed in 1976 and managed by Jon Hartwell (deceased) until their change of venue in the early 1980s. “They would have at Jon photoparties by josh sampson erals jersey from their playing days decades ago. Food, fun and prizes are just some of the high points of the Boyne BusipG. 5 expo cont. pg4 ness Expo & Taste of Boyne from 3 - 7 p.m.»Generals, on Thursday April 26. noW! caring, persevering, determined, courteous, conscientious, and mature. This person’s inshelby adams terest and Benjamin gohs genuine associate editor concern for others is exemplary. It is with great honor that I presThe Boyne City Commission reent my people’s choice award to viewed the status of complaints reShelby lating to Adams.” the Kirtland Products wood • “It’smanufacturing easy to honor, especially pellet facility during tonight, the kind of kids thatmeethave the regular Tuesday Jan. 10, a good GPA and excellent classing. room City performance,” said teacher Boyne Planning Director Scott Chris Ames. “The separate piece McPherson gave commissioners to that is how they handle life, and an overview of the situation before the vibrance and energy they bring audience members spoke for and against company. My candidate to thethe classroom. “Since start package of production of has thatthewhole going on, Kirtland Products we have had comwith great academic performance, plaints about the operation,” he said. but also a personality I look for“While most of the complaints we ward to every day, so Michelle have hadcongratulations!” in regards to noise there Plante, have also concerns • In gettingbeen to know my raised nomiabout odors and dust. In the Boyne nee over the course of this year, City Zoning Ordinance the perforI learned that with this person, if mance standards 21.78 addresses three words will do it, he’s gonna noise, odor, dust – similar types of use three words, no more,” nuisances. In addition the citybegan also Visual Imaging Instructor Randy has a noise ordinance which specifiCalcuterra. “So in honor that, cally addresses motors, fans, of dryers, I’m going to give you some similar mechanisms, similar toadjecwhat tives that my candidate. Kirtland hasdescribe at their facility.” r e a tseem ive, McPherson added, “It Cdoes novapretty clear that they areiinn violation tive, takes of that ordinance.” McPherson said the cityahassense been inof contact with Kirtland toownership, ensure they are aware of the issues. and just has “To their credit they have a seemed fantasto be proactive and sincere in theirto tic quest efforts to resolve these issues. alwaysHowbe ever,andrew the impact is ongoing and itand is deneau better unacceptable at certain levels it learn and more. does need to be remedied as soon as My nominee - Andrew Deneau” possible,” McPherson said. “If they • “This student is polite, and kind. do continue to violate the ordinances He has a great work ethic, it is obthe city does have the ability to isvious he has or hadtoarequest great enrole sue civilthat infractions model, and is a great role model forcement orders.” himself.” saidfrom teacher PamProdMcRepresentatives Kirtland Dowell. “It is my pleasure to give ucts were in attendance. my People’s Choice Award to Mr. Audience members were instructed Moeke” toGerritt keep their comments to five min• “As most of us meet a utes or educators, fewer. “We are aware of the complaints and City, public & Kirtland discuss noise and other complaints at public hearing choice cont. pg16 »kirtland, pG. 4 Locals compile future goals list For mom get a lesson in MI history 1.00 $$1.00

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