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Boyne City Gazette Rambler Regatta pg. 12 Volume 2, Issue 30 4G for all? PHOTO BY JOSH SAMPSON Shane Schmidt as the lead character “Sky” in the Boyne City Public Schools production of “Guys and Dolls banters with a fellow cast member during the Saturday, March 19 showing. FOR MANY MORE PHOTOS OF AREA NEWS, EVENTS AND PEOPLE, GO TO THE MEMBERS-ONLY SECTION OF WWW.BOYNEGAZETTE.COM. It’s no secret that Merit Network of Ann Arbor plans to lay more than 2,200 miles of fiber-optic cable across 29 rural counties – including Charlevoix. Local officials are now looking to optimize the benefits of that impending $130 million project by considering a county-wide 4G network. “Obviously we would like to see fiber-optic cable throughout the county, but the feasibility of that and the expense would really be tough,” said Wilson Township Supervisor Todd Sorensen. “But, having access to high-speed wireless is worth looking into.” The high-speed wireless net- work Sorensen refers to is called “4G.” And, what makes it so special is that it can be used to send information to both mobile and stationary wireless devices at previously unheard of speeds including ultra-broadband or gigabit-speed. Merit’s plan is to bring the fiberoptic network to the major rural population centers where it will then be up to the local entities to determine how so-called last-mile service will be administered. This would still leave huge gaps across the county where many residents would still be relegated to using dial-up, satellite or mobile phone internet – all of which are incredibly slow when compared to 4G. »INTERNET , pg. 4 BC trail Local’s body found in U.P. hearing BENJAMIN GOHS ASSOCIATE EDITOR The body of a Boyne City woman identified as Carole Jeanne Hague has been found. The 61-year-old former Boyne City Public Schools teacher had gone missing back on Tuesday, March 15 when co-workers, family and friends said they could not reach her. “On Saturday, March 19, at 12:47 p.m. This department was contacted by an individual reporting his sister missing,” statCAROLE HAGUE ed Boyne City Assistant Chief of BENJAMIN GOHS ASSOCIATE EDITOR At 7 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, March 23, the public will have an opportunity to opine on the proposed first phase of the Boyne City-Charlevoix Road non-motorized trail. Slated to measure just over three miles, from Boyne City to Springwater Beach Road, this first phase of trail is expected to cost nearly $1 million. “The Charlevoix County Recreation Plan recommends the development of non-motorized trails in Charlevoix County,” states the proposed resolution which will be voted upon at the March 23 meeting. “The number one recreation development project is the development of the Boyne City to US31 Trail.” Grants from the State of Michigan will be applied for totaling $300,000 while a federal grant of nearly $565,900 will be sought. Half of the remaining $88,000 needed has been pledged by officials from Boyne City – $11,072 – and Evangeline Township – $33,216. Fundraising efforts from private donors are expected to yield the remaining $44,312 needed. Construction of the trail is contingent upon all the aforementioned entities’ ability to be awarded said state and federal grants. If successful, the county will be responsible for life-long »TRAIL , pg. 5 75¢ • Seek the Truth, Serve the Citizens • Wednesday, March 23, 2011 BENJAMIN GOHS ASSOCIATE EDITOR Guys and Dolls BUDDHA Police Jeff Gettel. “Hague was described as very punctual and this was very much out of the ordinary for her.” He added, “After searching Ms. Hague’s residence and interviewing family and friends, officers made contact with troopers at the St. Ignace State Police Post, and requested the troopers check areas in the U.P. Where Ms. Hague was known to visit or cross-country ski.” According to police, information from Ms. Hague’s cell phone carrier indicated the last time ••• INSIDE this week St. Patrick’s Day at Pat O’Brien Page 14 Business After Hours Native American Soldiers PAGE 7 Grant’s Sharpshooters »HAGUE , pg. 5 Dispatches from Iwakuni, Japan COURTESY PHOTO Pictured with his wife Laura are Daniel Reed and daughters Lauren and Daniella. JOSH SAMPSON STAFF WRITER Daniel W. Reed, a GS-13 Department of Defense employee, knows about current events; in fact, he is located near the epicenter of current events: Iwakuni, Japan. He works from the military base in Iwakuni, located on the Seto Sea near Hiroshima, where he lives with his family in Field Grade housing. “The base is not too big, but it does have a MCX (shopping center) and commissary for getting the things we need,” he said. “There is also a movie theater on base, and the girls like to go there on the weekends.” His wife, Laura, works at a school on the base, too, and his daughters, Lauren, 13, and Daniella, 9, attend the Department of Defense school on the base with him. Reed currently works with the Marine Corps, advising on urban planning, land use, infrastructure and construction activities. “I have been with the Federal Government for about three years including time in Iraq working for the U.S. State Department,” he said. “Inbetween Iraq and Japan I was working in Lagos, Nigeria, for the Nigerian Government.” Not only has Reed been around the world, but he was also a planning director in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Boyne City, Michigan. He said he likes working in Japan, and he is always busy with new projects. “Currently, we are implementing a massive $4 billion new base construction project,” he said. “We are moving an air wing from the George Washington Aircraft Carrier in Atsugi, Japan.” The program he is working for is called the Defense Policy Realignment Initiative (DPRI). The policy work is done at the U.S. civilian level with Japanese government officials. “The base has both U.S. and Japanese self-defense forces stationed there,” Reed said. Reed was born in Lansing, and his father attended Michi- Use this ad to get free Bread Sticks with any Pizza order Always Fresh, Spicy Bob’s Pizza Dough is Made Daily & our Sauce comes from Whole Tomatoes Blended with Special Spices Great starter home or rental. This 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1300 square foot house is open. The kitchen is decorated cute. Large covered front porch for enjoying summer evenings. Located in town providing convenience to shopping, dining and year round entertainment. Also included is a 2-car garage. $69,900 Call Mark Kowalske @ 231-675-3721 Irish Celebration PAGE 10 Boyne Irish Heritage Fest’ The Boyne City Gazette is a proud member of »JAPAN , pg. 20 Pending periodical US Postage Paid Boyne City, MI Permit No. 1 No. 82 “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.” Mark D. Kowalske ••• (231) 675-3721

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