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BandraBuzz creating community connect January 2012 | Vol. III Issue 1 | Published Monthly To Advertise, Call 9820783686 | | 16 pages | Price: ` 2 Arun Ferreira back in Bandra After more than 4 traumatic years, 2012 got the Ferreira family together again in their flat situated at St. Martin’s Road, Bandra (West). Early January saw a ray of hope for alleged Naxalite, Arun Ferreira, when he was free to go home to his family. It must have been a joy just being together, after all his never-ending experiences. When Bandra Buzz contacted his mother Yvonne, she replied, “Please let us spend some quality time together. Arun will be available for a press conference in a couple of days”. Arun Fereira is an ex-Stanislite, a Bandra boy who comes from a noble & religious family. All these years, his father Thomas, when visiting his son at Nagpur Central Jail, was only allowed to speak to him through bars, wire mesh and constant supervision. Arun used to tell him, “Daddy you know me. Do you believe what the police say about the crimes I committed? ”. At other times he told his dad that he has never been to the places where the police alleged that he has committed a crime. The charges framed have nothing whatsoever to do with him. He claimed total innocence The continuous and brutal initial interrogation, torture and narco-analysis have caused Arun much harm. The physical manifestations were headaches, hair loss and stomach-related ailments. With God’s grace, he survived all this to be re-united again with his supportive family. Gordon D’Souza, BCS President, says: “We support Arun Ferreira's petition for a compensation of Rs. 25 lakhs for subjecting him to torture and depriving him of his freedom for close to five years. This is a small price considering the immense suffering he has undergone due to the wrongful confinement and torture by the police. At the end of it all, he is acquitted and we are sure he will be acquitted in the remaining two cases that were slapped on his recently. Someone has to pay a price for this. The Government has to take responsibility and pay the compensation”. Deepa, Tamseel, Surendran, Avijit and the team were estatic at his release. They proudly say: “We won! Arun Ferreira has just been released from jail and can finally enjoy freedom with his friends and family. Thanks to you, a human rights advocate that was jailed for standing up for the rights of people across India is free after four years in police custody. Father Cedric Prakash launched the campaign on just 3 months ago knowing that he was taking on state authorities that have locked up thousands of human rights activists in the past. But something incredible happened. More than 6,400 people joined the campaign on -politicians, prominent public figures and the St. Xavier’s college of Mumbai all backed the campaign, creating a groundswell of support that the authorities couldn’t ignore. The police had arrested Arun on ten false charges and were determined to keep him behind bars. But as public support for Ferreira grew, one allegation after another was dropped by police. And just this week the court granted him bail, slapping a compensation charge of 25 lakhs on the state authorities over the wrongful arrest. Today, finally, Arun is home with his parents, wife and kids. After his release Arun sent through this message to all of you who signed the petition: “Thank you for your support, it feels good to come back home and eat mom’s home-cooked food.” Arun, the Ferreira family and Father Prakash will all be celebrating today -- and you should be too. You’ve demonstrated the extraordinary power of individuals to start campaigns about issues that matter to them -- unifying the community and winning change. It is an important victory -- not only for Ferreira, but because authorities have been watching this situation closely. They’ll be more conscious than ever before in infringing on the human rights of people across the country. But there’s a lot more to do in the fight against human rights abuses in India. If there’s something that you want to change in your community, it’s easy -- you can start your own campaign on by clicking here: Thanks again for your support.” Bandra Buzz welcomes Arun back to Bandra, supporting him - with total faith that ‘Truth will always prevail’. Bandra Buzz Team

Vol. III Issue 1

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