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BandraBuzz creating community connect December 2012 | Vol. III Issue 12 | Published Monthly | To Advertise: 9820783686 | | 16 pages | Price: ` 2 Ho Ho Ho - on Hill Road! " Deck the halls with boughs of hollies, tra la la la ... " is what I hum, as I walk down Bandra's most busiest street this time of the year. Smiling Santa’s stare at you, as you pass by the brightly lit stalls. ese are propped amidst the regular street shops and vendors on Hill Road. Stars of every size and colour will entice you, into trading in your old one for a newer and bigger one - and soon you'll find yourself hanging more than just the one ‘symbolic star’ outside your window! Bells and Baubles used to decorate Christmas trees can be found every few meters - from Globus to Balaji's and beyond. So, if you've not got your decorations up yet; then my suggestion is run down to the end of the road, pop in to Reliance Mall and pick up some Christmas Carol CDs to listen to, while you're putting up your decorations. A definite ‘must have’ is a great big green pine tree to take home - and place by your window (and a plug point ... ha ha ) and light it up with pretty fairy lights, that will twinkle if you like. ‘Do-it-yourself ’ decorations for the tree always add that special touch. Big red ribbons that you can buy from Cheap Jack to make bows. Place them generously on the tree - and maybe string some popcorn to hang around it. For those of you who might not have the time or inclination for DIY décor, don't worry. Hill road needs you to patronize their stalls and buy their flashy ‘ready made’ decorations - and you'll be spoiled for choice. While the buzz with some of the aunties around is, “How many kilos of milk cream they've made this year - or where they've ordered their marzipan from” - you'll be happy to find a wide variety of Christmas sweets available for you to buy. Either to indulge in, or to gi to your friends and colleagues. My favourite are the decorated wreaths. So pretty to look at - and so easy to hang up on a bare nail, or a door handle, or at the corner of your curtain rods. e best part is that you don't need to only get the red and green ones - as they come in lovely colour combinations, that you can pick out to ‘go’ with your curtains or your upholstery. Now, not everyone remembers the beauty and tranquility that a crib can add to a home. A lot of people try and escape, by just laying down their old statues in the same position in some odd corner of their home. Allow me to give you a few ideas of how to reinvent that old crib set up. Look for a mat that is made of cane or straw, or those silky grassy ones that can form the base for the statues. Spread little fairy lights around it, if possible, that will light up those lovely faces. You will find lots of ready pieces that you can use to add sparkle to your home's crib - that you will find on Hill Road itself. Red Poinsettias really brighten up a space - and are the most beautiful natural decoration of the season. Well, not very natural - as you can also find artificial ones, that will surely keep you guessing. And… don't forget the wrapping paper and curling ribbons, you're going to need for all those 'Secret Santa' gis. If you want go a ‘little crazy’ and spread the enthusiasm, then look out for the ‘Santa Hats’ that light up or the ‘mini x'mas décor’ - earrings, or the red and green coloured clothes, that are being displayed in all the shop windows to help keep ‘the spirit of the season’ flying high! Don't forget that Christmas is ‘the season of sharing and giving’, so share a laugh and give a smile more oen this December; than before - so we'll be sure to see Bandra grinning from 'year to year' (pun intended ... lol) Merry Christmas ! Francesca Mascarenhas Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

Vol. III Issue 12

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