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PRSRT.STD U.S.Postage PAID PERMIT No. 4083 Dallas, TX 1550 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235 2013 Adviser Development Workshop July 12-15 Dallas, TX “Always something new to learn no matter how many years you’ve done yearbook.” “I needed this.” “I will be back next year for sure!” “Here’s to a successful yearbook season for us all.” “My brain is SO full…of really good stuff. Thank you, everyone!” “Everyone has a great zoom lens. You know what it’s called? LEGS!” “I think I pulled a muscle carrying sample yearbooks to my car.” “I feel ready.” “I want to thank everyone for this weekend.” “I feel recharged.” “I’m giving you the arguments going on in my head. It’s fun up there.” just sayin’... “Hey, let’s do it again!” “Yearbook Wedding Bouquet Toss I hope that lady has an open-minded husband.” “Best Adviser Development ever! I wish all in-service meetings were this meaningful.”

Elements Magazine, Vol 5, Spring 2013

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