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THE SASSMANNSHAUS TRADITION notes and text The large print colorful as well as many particularly illustrations are d very ly child-friend an ol children ho sc epr attractive to ren alike. and school child In contrast to other ds, beginner violin metho dition Tra us ha ns an ssm Sa The progresses swiftly by violin introducing advanced tary en im rud in es iqu techn d an ing ift form, such as sh es. ok str w varied bo All violin techniques used are demonstrated an d explained on the w eb site www.violinmasterc Sassmannshaus Tradition EARLY START ON THE VIOLIN The child-friendly and age-appropriate text underlying the music ena bles children to perceive melod ies as a whole and to understan d their singable qualities. BA 9676 · Violin Book 1 BA 9677 · Violin Book 2 BA 9678 · Violin Book 3 BA 9679 · Violin Book 4 For more information on The Sassmannshaus Tradition please visit: Your Music Dealer: ION SHAUS TRADIT THE SASSMANN IN ON THE VIOL E A R LY S TA R T VOLUME 2 E A R LY S TA R T O N T H E V I O L I N VOLUME 3 E A R LY IN E VIOL THE VIOLIN E A R LY S TA R T O N ON TH STA R T E 4 M 1 U L O V E M VOLU Tradition forg Violin Playin Sassmannshaus Sassmannshaus BÄRENREITER’S THE SASSMANNSHAUS TRADITION The method is suitable for single instruction as well as for group and class lessons. lumes The substantial vo 1 and 2, es m (64 pages for volu and 4) 3 es m lu vo 72 pages for e siv contain comprehen lly fu re material and ca g curves. calibrated learnin rious and cu n re ild ch They keep months y interested for man s. ar and ye BÄRENREITER: THE URTEXT PUBLISHER! BÄRENREITER · D-34111 Kassel · · graphic design: Ensemble playing is encouraged from the very beginning. R THE SASSMANNSHAUS TRADITION BÄRENREITER’S EITER’S ITION TRAD HAUS ANNS ASSM S E H T The Note reading is emph azised from the first lesson – children are brought up to be come proficient sight-read ers and play in chamber mu sic ensembles as early as possible. ITION HAUS TRAD BTÄHR EEN SR EAI TS ESRM ’ SA N N S BÄREN What makes his violin method so stp ecial? ferent Songs and scales in dif lained exp ily eas are s position first the and mastered within nt rta po im an year. This is ds that advantage over metho first confine children to the rs. yea ny position for ma aassssmmaannnnshshhaauuss S S Sassman Sa manns nsha n us Sas sma nnsh aus s u s au a sh n h an s sm n as S n a m s s s a u a S h s n n a m s s a S BÄRENREITER’S Errors excepted; Price changes and delivery terms subject to change without notice ◊ Printed in Germany · 1/0806/87 · SPA 123 Sassmannshaus Sassmannshaus BÄRENREITER’S Bärenreiter’s Sassmannshaus EARLY START ON THE VIOLIN BÄRENREITER BÄRENREITER: THE URTEXT PUBLISHER!

Sassmannshaus - Violin

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