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“LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT IN VRL LOGISTICS LTD VARUR” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the field of management practical work plays a vital role, it is this practical knowledge which drives one to his or her ultimate desire. In the similar way company can achieve its ultimate goal only if it has sufficient service which contents prospective workers.  Title of the project: “Logistics Management in VRL Logistics Limited at Varur”. This fruitful venture was accomplished by undertaking the study at VRL Logistics Limited, which is well known for its quality and in time service. The pioneer provides service in goods transportation, passenger transportation and courier service. The Logistics chain starts from suppliers or consigner, the strength of the chain would emerge from the relationship that are nurtured between the consignee (person to whom the goods are delivered) and transporter of each line and the flexibility would be a result of the transparency of communication, speed of reaction and the focus on core competence.  Need for the study: To study the various aspects involved in the Logistics management.  Objectives of the study: i. To study the various costs involved in the Logistics management. ii. To the importance of warehousing in Logistics management. iii. To know overview of freight movement.  Limitations of the study: The necessary information about the project was given by the company. Some of the study was depended on observation. Page 1


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