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98% OF OUR NEWS YOU WON’T FIND IN ANY OTHER NEWS MEDIA IN Sisterlocks 5 ■ Natural Hair For Busy Women ARIZONA ■ ARE WILLIAMS■ /AZ PHOTO REACHING 100,000 WEEKLY READERS WE RECORD BLACK HISTORY My Body, My Life: Get Into Gardening Chlamydia is Not a Flo wer 23 ■ USPS 051-770 ■ ■ WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2009 At 100th Year Conference: NAACP Chief Issues ‘New Call for a New Century’ 50¢ ■ 11 ■ VOLUME 42, ISSUE 11 Bilal Russell's Dream Lives On In G.I.F.T.S. By Hazel Trice Edney NNPA Editor-in-Chief (NNPA) - In a grand centennial meeting that drew thousands to New York City – the founding place of the NAACP this week, President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous proclaimed that the next move of the civil rights organization against new “layers of racism” will be to strengthen its inner ranks by becoming a majority through coalitions. “We will change. Not for the sake of change itself, but for the sake of growth,” Jealous said in prepared remarks to be rendered at the convention Monday evening. “We must be able to march forth as a majority and that means we have to be about organizing coalitions, maximizing our power to build bridges of understanding and mobilizing our entire rainbow of champions for social change.” Jealous was specific about his strategic vision. “We will invest in research to ensure that what is obvious to us cannot be questioned by any. We will train and retrain with a focus on organizing even better and smarter than we are already. We will forge new coalitions ...big, broad, effective strangebedfellow coalitions. We will build campaigns that capture the imaginations of generations. We will embrace technology,” he said. “But we can't do this work alone. So today, we issue a new call for a new century.'' NAACP President Ben Jealous That call comes in what is historically among the most exciting years for AfricanAmericans. Jealous reflected on the election of President Barack Obama as the nation’s first Black president, but also underscored how his election spotlights the vestiges of racism that still prevail. “January 20, 2009, was a day when hopes were fulfilled, when dreams came true, when ancestors sacrifices were remembered with tears of joy, in short, it was a day when the dream of this country seemed within reach of every family,” said Jealous, 36, historically the youngest president to lead the civil rights organization. “And then January 21st came, like every day thereafter, and families woke up to a new morning and were facing the same questions: Why can't Dad find a job? Why does Mom have to work so many jobs just to make ends meet? Why is my family's dream being foreclosed on? Why are our schools an embarrassment to everything this country stands for? See NAACP, Page 7 We’re All New @ SUPPORT YOUR BLACK PRESS AZINFORMANT.COM Arizona Informant Your Community News Source For More Than 35 Years ARNE WILLIAMS/AZI PHOTO Bilal Russeil’s parents Paulette and Larry Russell, with Terry Hodges (l), and Jeremiah Hollins By ArnE Williams Bilal Russell's life met a tragic and senseless end when he was murdered in a case of mistaken identity. His family members swore his dream of helping endangered and neglected children would go on. "We're not going to let that little bullet stop what Bilal started," Larry Russell, Bilal's father said. His son's spirit will survive in a new home for emotionally disturbed kids that he, his family and friends are building at the site Bilal was killed. Amidst hugs, laughter and a few teary eyed friends, family and volunteers gathered Friday evening at Oscar Taylor Restaurant Lounge, near 24th Street and Camelback Road, to raise funds for the Bilal Russell Foundation, Bilal's G.I.F.T.S., Inc. G.I.F.T.S., Get Involved for Their Sake, is a non-profit organization that hopes to counsel, mentor and provide a residence for endangered, neglected and delinquent children in need of foster homes. Russell and his friends were preparing to submit a proposal to the state of Arizona for a contract and had planned several fundraisers, before Russell's death. Russell, 25, was shot to death January 14 in an attack Phoenix authorities labeled a case of mistaken identity. Russell answered the door and found strangers asking for an unknown person who did not live at the house. The strangers opened fire and killed Russell. See G.I.F.T.S. Page 2 East Valley Community Health Fair Held In Chandler Story and photos By Floyd Alvin Galloway While most major Chandler Juneteenth events were cancelled due to budget constraints, the East Valley Juneteenth Healthy Community – Healthy You Fair originally scheduled took place June 27 as planned. The event was held at the South Chandler Self Help Foundation office in Chandler, and by all reports, was a great success. Located in the heart of the underserved community near downtown Chandler the SCSHF office is becoming a focal point for community enhancement projects. The health fair, the first to be held in the area, provided vital information to those attending the event. Kids gather around Jackie Tolliver of Greater Phoenix Black Nurses Association as she offers health tips. The Black Nurses Association of Arizona were on hand performing blood pressure checks, passing out healthy eating cookbook and other information that assist in living a healthy empowered life. In conjunction with the Tanner Community Development Corporation they also conducted a health survey to better access the health needs of the community of the color. See Health Fair, Page 2

Arizona Informant News - July 15, 2009

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