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WELCOME TO A PREVIEW OF THE 4TH EDITION (2013) OF THE HOWARD AND MOORE COMPLETE CHECKLIST OF THE BIRDS OF THE WORLD, VOLUME I. NON-PASSERINES Editors: E C Dickinson and J V Remsen, Jr. This preview allows us to give potential readers an idea of the detailed content brought together in this work and how some of the less obvious content may be relevant to the readers’ needs of interests. No book developed a team as large as the team here assembled should be expected to be low-priced. To some the content will be of great value; this we believe applies to all who write scientific papers or books on birds because their publishers and their readers expect them to ensure their content is as accurate as possible. Managers of museum collections, biogeographers and conservationists will all see a reason to consider this work an important tool, perhaps even an indispensable one. In its original edition in 1980 this book was designed for the birder (or if your prefer the “twitcher”). Many birders are or become pioneering field ornithologists and from their experience flows much of the clarification of our perceptions of avian relationships, distributions, migrations and ecological needs. We still seek to serve this audience although a two volume work has become necessary to serve both audiences (and as these audiences should be using the same languages of names a single book that provides for both is needed). Innovations in this Edition respond to the wishes expressed by both groups as will the promised Updates. Most of the pages that follow are simple extracts from the book. A few pages, which, like this one lack page numbers are insertions to provide some explanations and insights into what is offered and why. ECD/March 2013 The pre-publication discount offer is open until April 30th. Buyers choosing that offer secure a guarantee that volume 2 will cost them the same price as volume 1. This preview also serves to facilitate book reviews for journals looking to provide a brief review (less than a page). Journals prepared to offer more review space will be offered a review copy.

4th Edition Preview of Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World

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