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A Fun with Fashion Tied Up by Vixie Rayna A ndrogyny was our theme for March, inspired by the upcoming Menswear Fashion Week 2012. All of AVENUE Magazine columnists were instructed to find their inner androgynous style. I tried to breakdown the idea into the basic theme of a tie. A tie is an integral part of every man’s wardrobe. Often, when a woman adds this accessory, it adds an air of sex appeal, and I found this a challenge to make the look androgynous. I chose monochromatic black styling to help add edge to the style. To me, the key to androgyny is embracing items that are traditionally associated with the opposite sex. Adding a key element like a tie or slicked back hair gives the look a bit of mysterious masculinity. You too can find inspiration from the opposite sex; if you are a male, try to incorporate hair that may at first glance be feminine as it can soften your masculine look. For ladies, men’s’ hair can add a toughness and edge that you may be missing. Take chances and you’ll find a way to truly stand out! And, remember…Fashion is FUN!

AVENUE Magazine March 2012

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