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Welcome Thanks for buying an Avanti and welcome to a great riding experience for women. Rather than speculate on what we ‘think’ is relevant to women riders and what you need, we decided to go direct to the source, ask questions and listen to the answers. So we empowered a group of women who ride different kinds of bikes to advise us on how we can create a better riding experience for women. Through focus groups, discussion, experimentation and evaluation we’ve garnered some pretty sharp insights into what women need to ride most efficiently and most comfortably - but with an appropriate amount of style. Our designers and engineers have taken the insights and designed frames with specific geometry for women, developed graphics and colours that appeal to women and integrated components specifically suited for women. And the outcome is bikes that are simply superior for you to ride. Whether you ride to the shops, do trails with your mates or race to the finish line we’ve developed a specific bike which is ergonomically and aesthetically excellent. For you it means we’ve done all the research, thinking and development so you can just relax and ride. Our lifetime warranty supports the confidence we have in the quality of Avanti bicyles. In this guide you’ll find some useful information about your shiny new bike, how it works and how to look after it. We know you’ll be keen to get riding but take some time to read the guide first - especially the safety warnings which can help you avoid injury. Trust us, it’ll be worth it. We recommend you keep the manual handy after the first read too, as it’s a useful reference tool. If you need help at any time, please get in touch with your Avanti Dealer who will be happy to assist. A list of Avanti dealers can be found on ! It is important for you, or any rider of the bicycle, to read this manual before your first ride – even if you are an experienced cyclist. Let’s go riding!

Avanti Womens Bikes Owners Manual

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