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LEADING SUB-SECTORS Advanced Automotive Metro Detroit is still the leader in advanced automotive among the 15 markets analyzed. In 2010, there were 55,507 jobs and 7,119 establishments in the sector, representing 8.8 percent of all advanced automotive jobs and 5.8 percent of advanced automotive establishments across the United States. Greater Detroit’s advanced automotive employment was the highest ranking among the 15 markets analyzed based on its LQ of 6.06. Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Cincinnati rounded out the top five, and were the only other markets analyzed with LQs above 1.0. Life Sciences Life Sciences technology, which includes pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing as well as scientific research and development businesses, comprises 10.4 percent of metro Detroit’s technology industry, with 22,093 jobs. Only two Midwest markets (Chicago and Minneapolis) and two national markets (Boston and San Jose) had a higher number of life sciences jobs in 2010. Among the Midwest markets analyzed, metro Detroit ranked third with a life sciences employment LQ of 1.3, surpassed only by Indianapolis and Minneapolis. Nationally, the region ranked sixth. Related Technologies This sector includes three NAICS codes that represent businesses with a significant technology orientation, but that do not directly fit another category. Included are petroleum and natural gas extraction; professional and commercial equipment wholesalers; and architectural, engineering and related services. Metro Detroit had 45,752 jobs in the related technologies cluster in 2010. The region ranks first among the related technology employment LQs in the Midwest markets analyzed and third among the U.S. markets analyzed (behind Austin with 2.53 and San Jose with 2.17). Within the subsector, there were 37,059 jobs in architectural, engineering and related services, the majority (85 percent) of which were engineering related.9 GREATER DETROIT’S ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE EMPLOYMENT LQ WAS THE HIGHEST RANKING AMONG THE 15 MARKETS ANALYZED. Among the 15 regions analyzed, no other market had a higher number of jobs in the architectural, engineering and related services subsector. This demonstrates metro Detroit’s position as a leader of innovation in automotive and mechanical design and engineering. 9. NAICS 5413 is the architectural, engineering and related services sector. Representative businesses from the sector include RCO Engineering (Macomb County), NSF International (Washtenaw County), Raytheon Professional Ser- vices (Oakland County), General Physics Corporation (Oakland County), Magnum Consulting (Oakland County) and Roush Enterprises (Wayne County). AUTOMATION ALLEY’S 2012 TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY REPORT 15

Automation Alley's 2012 Technology Industry Report

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