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The Resource 1 A Book Publishing News eZine Vol. 3, No. 3 Contents Extravaganza 2012 Page 3 Ban Book Pollution Judith Briles, Author U Founder Upcoming Tech Toolboxes Page 6 Several times a month, I get calls or emails from aspiring or just-ready-to-give-birth authors. Or so they think. Maybe they are ready for the book birth—but too many times, it’s a false labor, or should be. This past month, after an SOS from a book designer, I literally pulled two books out of the “line” where the authors had jumped the gun and submitted theirs too soon. They didn’t see what the problem was ... until they came into my offices to look at their books one more time. Learn from Tim Tebow Page 9 Save the Dates Page 12 Why Extravaganza? Page 13 Branding for Authors Page 14 Opportunity ... Responsibility Page 16 Get Testimonials Page 18 Crack the Amazon Code Page 21 Marty’s Corner Page 22 10 Deadly Sins Page 23 Technology & Tips Toolbox Page 25 Member News Page 27 Facebook Changes Timeline Page 28 With the almost 3,000,000 books from all formats published last year, we’ve entered an era of book pollution. Don’t add to it. There are two things authors do that consistently get them, and their books, into trouble: 1. They rush to publish. 2. They fail to support the book after it is born. What does rushing to publish entail? Plenty. Start with content—polishing hasn’t happened; editing consists of a few friends, or maybe a relative or two, reading it vs. someone who is ready and able to yield the red pen and do slashing, burning and rebuilding when necessary. The editor. The surest way to ID a self-published/vanity book is three-fold: obvious lack of editing, a mediocre cover, sloppy layout. Why an author would think he has the talent to create the cover that beckons to a potential buyer— Ignite Fan Engagement Page 30 I’m here, come to me ... I have the answers ... I can solve your problem Press Rlease That Grabs Page 33 Book Smarts Page 34 TIPS Page 35 ... Buy me—is a wonder. And not a good one. This is not an area that you go to Continued on page 2 ....

2012 March

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